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World's Smallest 5 Axis Milling Machine – Pocket NC V2


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I’m an absolute amateur in CNC machining and yet I’m very proud that I managed to cut my first part in aluminium. It was really after I saw a tutorial on Pocket’s NC youtube channel https://goo.gl/H6xjQC which helped me tremendously.
This video is not simultaneous 5-axis machining but 3+2 axis, because A and B axis where locked at any given time. This is due to using fusion 360 which if I’m not mistaken can support 5 axis machining at the moment, only some features are available for the moment. My ultimate goal is to make a tiny supercharger and put it in the wankel.

Any help on how can I use 5 axis cam in fusion 360 will be appreciated.

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  1. maby a stupid question but i want to start making my own chassis&suspension parts out of alu. i dont have 6k can i start with a diy hobby cnc i dont care if it takes long time per project

  2. It's a 5 axis machine…..good enough for me to understand……..it's the number of moving elements being defined…….even a cheap CNC router comes with a 4th axis for rotating the work piece……why not an additional axis called the 5th?

  3. I would like to start using this machine, but I need your support to advice me which design software or program I should use to make the shape that I need to machine.

  4. 3:00 My guess. If you would try this up-milling instead of down-milling it would probably be fine. If you want a nice finish, you can do a small fine cut with down-milling.
    Down-milling is the preferred way, BUT can create vibrations, that will be problematic for small less stable machines.

  5. I can tell the machine is vibrating too much, which means your putting too much strain by going too deep too fast try lowering the spindle speed and the machining speed to, try doing passes of 0.25mm and max 0.35 if you are in a hurry, the last finishing pass needs to be done smoothly, lower the speed the machining speed to half and do passes no more than 0.1 to walls and 0.05 on the floor, I'm telling you this with the knowledge I have working with big industrial machines so with this one you will need to lower the machining speed more than usual, one very important thing is to dampen that vibration using a thick hard rubber mat, your spindle will thank you later

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