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Wood Router Tips and Tricks from Colin Knecht


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Wood routers are a unique woodworking tool that can make very accurate and precise cuts making they ideal for furniture making and many other woodworking projects, and with the variety of wood router bits, cutting dados, rabbets and trimming veneers and even lumber with rough edges or even live edge wood can be trimmed straight and true on a wood router table.

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  1. Thank you for sharing, I had a lady give me a craftsman table but had no router. I picked up a really nice craftsman plug router with a red screw gage on it to measure the depth. I am looking to put the two together and figure out how I can use the screw holes to use an adjustable screw on the top of the table to adjust the height while connecting the whole thing to the table. Then off to figuring out how to put a plunge cut on about 50' of facia so I can inset my soffit in it and rebuild my eaves of the house. Looks like I need to get bits yet and the insert plate so any tips on cutting 1×6 facia board and putting in a plunge cut would be helpful along with what kit I would need to set up a leveler screw in the table itself.

  2. Colin I don't see the purpose of the stick that is the same diameter of the router bit at the 3:00 mark in the video to make the dado rabbit. Couldn't you just use the fence you've set up and then run a final pass with the board you finished with? Great tips overall….loved the drill bit tip to set your depth.

  3. Just the other day the router took a board and flew it across the room. Had no idea that I needed to feed it from the other side. The warnings say to always feed from the right! Now I know, and thanks!!

  4. What a perfect video to watch for me, for I just got a piece of wood thrown by my router because I inserted it from right to left. Kindly please do a detailed video on the safe and proper feeding of the material into the router. I just did my own DIY router table and so I am just learning how to do it safely. Thanks much.

  5. I just watched your other video on how to use a router table and I can say with absolute certainty…you need to re-make that video!! It's nine years old and you can tell how far you've come with making videos since then! PLEASE re-make that video! It's awkward, clumsy, has some REALLY BAD editing. So Colin, for the sake of humanity, PLEASE re-shoot that video!

  6. I do not at all understand two things about the end demo in this video:
    1. WHY would you want to do the edge with the wood fence set up, as opposed to doing the same on your table saw? The table saw is faster to set up and faster to cut the wood (and safer, I think!).
    2. Why did you repeatedly call this "planing", and say "if you don;t have a planer"? This looks like jointing, not planing.

  7. 10 minutes 19 seconds your wood piece came away from its fence producing a divot in the workpiece. You then show a perfectly cut piece. My guess is that you had to reposition the fence and give it a second run just enough to scarf off the imperfection that would certainly present itself if you tried to laminate it to another piece of wood.

    After reviewing the video further, at 10:27, just below your index finger there are two marks on the wood that were not on the piece you initially started cutting. And the wood grain appears to be very close but slightly different in that it appears to have moved to a slightly different position.

    Definitely got some good tips. Thanks. But I've been an inspector for closing in on 40 years. I see the mistakes. The imperfections. The stripped screws on those TV shows. Naturally with the TV shows you have editing.

    I will be setting up my wood shop hopefully this April. I have the lumber in the garage and driveway for an addition to my garage and a contractor already contracted to build the addition. So I'm looking for those smart tips that so many others have discovered over the years. I may even begin developing my own wood shop video collection.

  8. Had to watch the dado clip again to understand it. Awesome tip! Excellent explanation of which direction to approach the bit on a router table. The table saw comparison is a great one, not heard it before and easy to visualize. Thx!

  9. OK i have watched this video four times and I still don't get why you need to use the ⅝" measuring strip on the first pass in order to match the thickness of your workpiece when you cut a dado into the plywood… Why couldn't have just used the temporary fence you have clamped as your guide on the first pass… I know i am missing something here, just can't figure out what it is ?

  10. I’m still scratching my head on the dado cut. The spacing from the fence and how you used 2 different spacers, went whoosh! Right over my head.

    Colin, why wouldn’t you just come in from the right on the router table and use the front of the bit? What is the benefit of what you showed?

  11. Wow! These tricks (= very useful knowledge) will save me from a lot of headaches and failed projects in the future!
    I've already a very good Bosch router and the router bits to plane, and I'll drop buying a planer for now, as the router can get the job done…. that is IF I can do my part, and together we'll make perfect results! 😀

  12. You don’t advocate using a miter slide but you do recommend using a loose board fence to launch boards trapped between the board and non bearing guided cutter????

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