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Which Would You Buy? This CNC Router or This Laser Engraver?


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Would you buy this CNC router or this CNC laser? Recently I did videos on the cheapest CNC router and the cheapest CNC laser on Amazon.

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CNC Laser – https://youtu.be/5FzPDWqLqVE
CNC Router – https://youtu.be/1EpmJ0IKxGA

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⚫Tools/Supplies Used In This Build –
CNC Router – https://amzn.to/3pyNz0q
CNC Laser – https://amzn.to/3QJ4Tf7
Alternative Laser – https://amzn.to/3wmEdsn

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  1. I (my company) sponsors a STEM program in the local Middle and High schools. I got them a laser engraver to cut out parts, and a milling machine. The machines were so popular and used so much I have bought lasers for the Art program, the vocational shop, and the two elementary school start up programs. Now all the programs have lasers of various sizes, milling machines, plotters, and the Vocational program has two CNCs; 4×4 and 8×4+. The lasers are diodes, and because they are cheap we are upgrading every other year. We are buying a 100w tube laser for the high school this year. Here’s a universal truth: kids love lasers!

  2. best have cnc and add side laser head too, can use both. and can cut wood at laser better than ewery pass laser need cut little more down focus be better because ewery pass have more down has burn wood off. u need only measure how deep one pass cut then make g-code ewery pass drop laser head this dimension down. focus laser can keep good thin all pass, if not drop focus have ewery pass worst more than one pass.laser need be optimal thin not wide burn better and no burn lot edge, if increase speed little, speed important how nice edge have after cut. more speed more pass and keep focus optimal all pass then burn lot better.

  3. Hey thanks for the video I’m looking to start making wood bow ties I would like to have the option to cut completely through them or engrave them would you recommend this to start or something different?

  4. I have both, ha. I think the CNC router is the better choice. You can put a different drill bit on it and cut carbon fiber like butter. All you can do with the laser engraver is melt plastic and burn wood; its okay at engraving, but that has little practical use.

  5. A great follow-up to this video's predecessor. I watched 100's of these types of videos before I purchased my CNC. I choose to wait and do the carves by hand till I could afford one of the lower entry-level CNCs. I am VERY satisfied with the one I have now. It has only been 3 weeks but I already want another.. hahaha

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