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What's This ArcDroid CNC Plasma Everyone's Been Talking About!?


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This is an Arcdroid CNC Plasma Cutting Machine unboxing. Fully automated, out of the box ready to cut! This Arcdroid comes with the CNC machine, Screen, Stylus, and calibration rack.

This is the most unique tool I have seen in over 10 years. It’s an affordable, easy way for hobbyists to get into CNC Plasma Cutting. Just provide Plasma Cutter and you’re ready.

This does not require any CAD experience to set up and start cutting, but for more advanced users, this will work seamlessly for more complex geometries using Fusion 360!

0:00 Unboxing
4:04 Plasma Cutter
5:26 Quick Tour
8:50 First Cut Using On-Screen Geometry Only
11:22 SimpleTrace Cut an “R” I drew up!

The Arcdroid Info/Ordering is here:

The Plasma Cutter I used – Hypertherm Powermax 30xp:

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  1. Hello, first, i love your videos. i try contact the Arcdroid cnc plasma company through the website. i do not get any response. can you help me with some contact??
    Thanks so much.

  2. Good review, I also looked at this machine before I bought my Crossfire Pro. I wanted to be able to cut larger things. I wish I had the trace though. How has it been holding up?

  3. I considered buying the arcdroid but instead I purchased a langmuir crossfire pro plasma table. A entry level langmuir crossfire is only $1500 which is what I originally decided to purchase do to my budget but ended of buying the crossfire pro. The arcdroid would need to be under $1000 for it to be a viable option. With what I know now I would of built a custom table from scratch.

  4. Coming out of the back of the Hypertherm that you tied into is a CPC port, and the 45xp is the entry-level CNC because it does have a high frequency start the 30xp is more a hand machine. lol

  5. Thanks! I own an Arc Droid. Your video is much more helpful than anything Arc Droid itself has produced. I have yet to make my first cut but maybe today with your help!

  6. Awesome video, As an owner of an Arcdroid myself, I'm excited for the opportunities it has! I hope to unbox mine in the next few weeks. Thank for being very descriptive in setup and testing, that helped me so much on my learning curve.

  7. The ArcDroid is definitely a game changer, I plan on buying one maybe the end of this year, would like to see more reviews and usage of it before I make the plunge. Looks like you'll get a lot of use out of it.

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