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What Can You Do With a $200 CNC


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Cheap CNC: https://amzn.to/35oIgcQ
Also cheap CNC: https://bit.ly/3Ib6eHc
IndyMill: https://indystry.cc/indymill
Dremel CNC: https://www.instructables.com/DIY-3D-Printed-Dremel-CNC/

3018 CNC is probably the most inexpensive machine you can buy. Surprisingly with proper settings and materials, you can achieve really nice results! Sure, it’s not the fastest CNC machine but definitely a great inexpensive learning tool for beginners.

Pyramid milling bit: https://bit.ly/3wvkV2Z
Wood bit: https://amzn.to/3xwMhGj
Acrylic bit: https://bit.ly/3xqVj7H
My 3D Printer: https://amzn.to/3cPXDf3
Fusion 360: https://www.autodesk.com/products/fusion-360

Feedrate and depth of cut per pass:
Wood engraving: 500mm/min, 1mm
Wooden tray: 500mm/min, 1mm
Plywood: 400mm/min, 1mm
Acrylic engraving: 600mm/min, 1mm
Acrylic contour: 1000mm/min, 0.5mm
PCB: 300mm/min, 0.12mm and 0.6 for the contour



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  1. You are doing well, but you have to study what parameters to use and what tools for plastic, wood and iron are not the same furthermore, with such a small milling cutter, the revolutions should go up to 10,000, with a 5 cm one up to 6,000, but as I write, be careful about which tool you have for which type of material.

  2. To jak w końcu podłączyłeś tą sondę? Lutowałeś przewód do nóżki kontrolera? Rysuję płytki w KiCADdzie, wiesz może jak tam wygląda z generowaniem gcode? Pozdrawiam Marcin

  3. I have had my cheap CNC for several years now, I just finished adding end stop to it earlier today. Not tested yet, as I have not decided how I want to add the Z stops to it. I think I will just glue the microswitches on, however that for me is not a great idea.
    I should be able to test it with in the next few days, depending on what else I need to get done.
    What software did you say you used for it?
    PCB are my goal, though I may make a few molds for a mini injection mold machine.
    The largest mold will be about the size of your tray you cut with it.

  4. I bought the exact same machine few years back. Then I broke the usb slot of the arduino and lost any connection with the pc. I have an extra arduino but I don’t have any idea of how to take the old code from the old arduino and use it on the new one (if that makes any sense). Any ideas? Thanx

  5. off to the right on my computer screen is an ad for plans to build a cnc for less than 900 dollars…. all I could think was "why?" if I can get one prebuilt for under 200….

  6. Great going, Niko. Looks like a useful tool there. (Not only for making parts, but to add to your knowledge base). Thank you for making and posting this video.

  7. I bought a similar machine just because. It sat un-used for a few months after assembly. When it came time to spray my field in the spring I discovered I didn't winterize the sprayer. The valve manifold was leaking. The rings that hold the o-rings between manifold sections cracked when the water froze. I could not find a part number to order. I drew them in fusion360 and milled them out of delrin they threw away at work. They worked perfectly. Good thing too. A new manifold and valves would cost more than I paid for the sprayer.

  8. i wouldnt use this video as a guide to cnc, so many mistakes, the machine gives u the worst finish ever, i would be sacked on the spot if i gave a customer a finished product looking like that, i would spend a bit money a get a better machine, this reminds me of all the super cheap and nasty 3d printers out there

  9. I really no nothing about CNC milling but I want to learn. I am interested in making custom RC car parts from plastic. Would this be a good beginner machine for that?

  10. Thank you! I've never been interested in CNC, but your video is well done, gives an interesting insight and such a small, inexpensive device is certainly suitable for educational purposes! ??

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