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What Can a $500 CNC Do? Genmitsu 3020 Pro Max


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The 3018 is one of the most popular desktop CNC mills. We check out its upgraded brother the Genmitsu 3020 Pro Max to see if it’s worth the extra $$.

**Note: I keep calling it 3050 instead of 3020 in the review, sorry about that! We’ve got a new baby at home and I was sleep deprived 😉

Genmitsu 3020 – https://geni.us/3020-pro-max
Genmitsu 3018 – https://geni.us/3018-cnc
Inventables Easel – https://geni.us/nRed

00:00:00 – Intro
00:00:54 – Frame
00:01:28 – Motors and Movement
00:02:51 – Spindle
00:03:45 – Power
00:04:12 – Work Area
00:05:36 – Limit Switches
00:06:19 – Control Board
00:07:41 – Software
00:08:34 – Cutting Tests
00:11:18 – Worth the price?

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  1. Really, this vibrating clump does cost $500 ? Man, how lucky am I that I got a real milling machine for less than twice that money, Sieg X2P. No CNC but does mill steel or 1/2" aluminium in 1 pass. The original Genmitsu 3018 for $180 ist a bargain, but $500 for nearly same construction is way too much.

  2. You are having problems with aluminium because you are not using the correct type of end mill. If the mill is chocking up use an end mill with more flutes or a higher rotation speed. Also you need mills with cutting geometry specifically for soft metals like aluminium and brass on low powered machines like this. If you had tried this with brass it would have probably given even worse results because brass is so soft it tends to grab the cutter so definitely needs correct end mills with the correct geometry. Also a shorter end mill will help and repositioning the spindle higher up in the mount will produce less stresses in the z axis and gantry assemblies.

  3. I bought this 3020 in Nov 2021 strictly for aluminum cutting. I’ve been using a competitors machine for over a decade and it works great. I was disappointed with this machine and had several issues. It will cut aluminum but not not very well. The 1/8” bit must be all the way in the shaft. (And to prevent milling the table it’s best to lower the Z axis to the lowest point and raise the spindle in the holder so the bit can’t reach the table.) But the spindle is just not rigid enough to handle the cutting, the length of the shaft allows slight flexing. And the spindle doesn’t have enough speed or torque. I found that even slowly cutting a 1” hole in 2mm aluminum with 9 passes was nail biting. It did cut the hole but was a struggle. The finished hole was a few thousands under size because the spindle rigidity was causing it to flex inward. And just drilling a 1/8” hole w the milling bit would sputter when reaching the bottom, and wallowed the hole almost every time. So to fix both issues I hack sawed the spindle holder (another problem-only a 55mm spindle fits), and mounted a $70 rotozip (600W 30K RPM) with metal strapping. Now it mills, drills, and cuts much better. Note that after less than 10 hours the 300W spindle stopped working.

    The other issue I had was that most all of the USB software I tried wouldn’t run a few commands of my existing gcode. Also, it was essential that I could stop and start the gcode from any gcode line, and couldn’t do it! So, to get around those problems I abandoned the USB controller and bought a parallel stepper driver and use LinuxCNC (or Mach2).

    Overall it’s a nice little machine but wouldn’t recommend for aluminum unless your into mods.

  4. jesus got enough of that bit sitting out of the chuck? Yeah 72mm doesnt seem like much when you have 30mm of extra bit shaft sitting out of the spindle that is completely unnecessary

  5. So… Your endmill is sticking out WAY too far and why you are getting chatter. Also you dont reduce your DOC, you reduce your WOC. Not sure why you would want to ruin the first 1/16" of the endmill. If your feedrate is too low compared to your RPM you are just recutting chips. Cutting aluminum really requires some type of evacuation, like a FogBuster air/coolant mixture. In the hands of someone that knows what they are doing these type of machines can do very well.

  6. Too much stick out, collet/motor shaft length is too long. I bet you can flex the end of the cutter by 1/8”, the moment is crazy.

  7. Just built a big custom 3D printed CNC for my home shop, it costs about 1.4 ~1.5K to build, but its 3x the size of this. Requires a table though.

    There is better options fr, I do want something for my desk top though.

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