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What can a $300 CNC do? – Ortur Aufero CNC Engraver Review


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Ortur no longer produces the Aufero CNC, instead, I’ve been recommending the 3018 machine which comes from various companies. Sainsmart is the one I recommend the most here: https://geni.us/ortur-aufero-cnc

00:00 – Intro
01:07 – Assembly
04:18 – Test Carve
08:20 – How it compares
11:39 – Giveaway
11:52 – Baby Yoda Carve
13:25 – Touch Screen
14:24 – Work area
15:35 – Pros and Cons
17:36 – Recommendation

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Ortur Laser Master – https://geni.us/xhqAGyI?track=yt-DLOViqe9zRY
Inventables X-Carve -https://geni.us/ykswx4?track=yt-DLOViqe9zRY
Carbide Create Shapeoko – https://geni.us/YIoMln?track=yt-DLOViqe9zRY
Easel – https://easel.inventables.com/


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  1. great video, I would like to ask you what cnc/laser would you recommend for engraving skinny tumblers and coffee mugs with handle? Looking forward to your advice.

  2. The reason you can't get to the front edge is your brackets on the bottom are backwards. I had the same problem when I put mine together. I also put the bed on upside down (only had 3 cuts vise 4 on the bed. Once you turn the brackets around, you will be able to go front to back, right to left.

  3. I think you put the bottoms wrong and that's why you can't use the whole table area. Look carefully. These lower two aluminum plates, on one is attached the motor, on the other the handle for rotation. They have to be turned upside down, the protruding things on these aluminum plates are actually the legs of the machine and they have to be down. If you turn these parts upside down, the table will be able to pass over them and have more space for movement.

  4. Man! Been loving the reviews. I'm debating on a lazer engraver or CnC cutter machine. I have a project that I'm working on that combines a wood base and a 1/8" LEXAN top piece. My question is will the lazer engraver print on the Lexan?

  5. What program comes with this machine?? You mentioned it but then said you would use the one you had on your IPad. And also, how difficult is it to learn how to program your actual drawings, cut-out etc??

  6. I've worked with wood since the early 80's and now I have pulmonary fibrosis which will in time kill me. SO now I am looking for something different to satisfy my creative nature. I am thinking about acrylic and this low cost cnc might just be what I need. With acrylic there is shavings but no dust to hurt my lungs,

  7. Thanks for your review.
    The correct term for the "bit" is a cutter.
    The big negative I saw was that the lead screws are not protected from dust and swarf, especially the Y screw (under the table).
    That would be my FIRST thing to do is cover it.
    I would imagine the accel/deceleration can be changed. You just do not want to make it too short of the steppers will miss steps.

  8. Dear Make or Break, I watched some of your videos and probably you already answered to a question like that 😉
    I am pretty familiar with vinyl cutting plotters, I had few ages ago.
    I was wondering if there is a machine where I can buy the main frame and then use a laser and a router.
    Basically I would like to be able to use only one machine with different heads( to cut & engrave different materials ) Is this possible ?
    Many thanks

  9. $th. Nov. 2020 $300, 17th. Nov. 2021 $610. If materials were sourced in 2020 and item sold for $300, one year later the item is sold at $610, that's one massive profit margin.

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