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Friday, September 22, 2023
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We Turned Our CNC Mill into a Lathe


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  1. For a part I did, I used a lathe post processor, then divided all x values by 2 in g code editor, then changed the header and footer so the mill would like them. Works great.

  2. Anyone else thinking easy swiss-style machine? Unfortunately, threads would not be possible because the spindle could not synchronize with the tool to cut in the same path. The hardware may be there but the programming is not. You may be able to mount a die and use a tapping cycle.

  3. Below is a video and programming example I came up with for single point threading using this technique.



    G00 G80 G40

    G00 G112 X-0.5 Y0 ( G112 WORK COORDINATE SYSTEM FOR TOOL 2 )

    S490 M03 ( MAX 500 RPM FOR THREADING )

    G43 G00 H52 Z1. ( H52 TOOL LENGTH OFFSET FOR TOOL 2 )

    G01 Z0.1 F50.

    G76 X-0.205 Y0 Z-0.7 F24.5 R0.1 Q0.1







    G00 G80 Z1.

    G00 Z8.

  4. I've been a manager here in Torrance, CA for 20 years now at this facility. 14 years at General Dynamics prior. I'm looking for experienced multi-axis "LATHE" machinist. Please reply if anyone knows people looking for work!! We do the shit everyone else passes up. We are a top magnetic component manufacturing facility.

  5. Titan, I am a Manufacturing Engineer in a mid sized shop. We have an assortment of machines from large horizontals to small 30 year old Mori lathes. I've told many of the machine operators that want to learn programming about Titans of CNC, and a few of them have jumped into it. However bar FAR the largest issue I see in this trade is inspection, from basic all the way up to CMM and GD&T, and mostly with qualified quality techs with CMM programming know how. Someone who can use a CMM to measure parts/features, understand what the data means, and communicate what that data means back to a machinist to get parts corrected, and running on nominal. I think the industry would hugely benefit from a dedicated inspection/CMM/GD&T academy! Thanks for the quality content! And keep up the good work!

  6. This is something we have not seen before. A very innovative way of getting around any production problems if parts of your business are overwhelmed with work or are shut down. How would this setup affect production levels?

  7. I've wanted to do something like this for ages, ever since I found out that the only CNC lathe on campus is only allowed to be used by the Prof. Would be interested to see how it could be done on the older systems we run.

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