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Upgrading my CNC Router from Round Linear Rails to HIWIN Square Rails


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This was a project to upgrade all X-Y and Z-Axis Linear Rails, replacing the originally installed round SBR16 rails with genuine HIWIN HG20 and HG16 Square rails. It was about 6 months in the planning to do it in a way that the HIWIN rails would seamlessly replace the round rails avoiding any other other structural machine modifications. The results were more satisfying than I expected. The video also concludes with a brief overview segment of my CNC as it is today.
If anyone would like to see more in depth details about my CNC and how I use it please make a comment below.
There are also other videos on this channel from the first one on building the router along with others relating to the various significant upgrades and updates during its life to date.



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  1. It's a shame yuou didn't show us how you could "Plug" the cables of that rotary axis when you use it. This is Genius ! And how does all that work software wise? Do you need to tell the software that you put a rotary axis?

  2. I admire you for doing all this in a house with curtains. I would never do that :D. Just a question : would it make sense to replace those steppers by true linear motors (that do immediate positionning at the right place, without any "rotating part") ?

  3. Hello, I'm seeking advice.

    Do you think I could adapt this Linear Rails guidance system to fit a wooden door,

    similar to the system used for a cantilever gate? My door is made of pine wood,

    it's 2 meters long, 90 cm high, and is composed of 5 planks,

    each 10 cm wide and 5 cm thick, weighing approximately 50 kg.

    I like the guidance system of the cantilever gate,

    but it's too large for my small door and I'm considering adapting it with this system.

    The door will be outside, do you think this Linear Rails system will rust?

    I'm looking forward to your response when you have the time. Thank you.

  4. Thats awesome, i also always wanted to make this upgrade, from my experience the quality of the sbr rails is very questionable. Although they seem to work fine they always make me uncomfortable from multiple aspects

  5. Hi, very nice video. I have a question about round liners.Did you like them, do they have big play?I'm thinking of building my own plasma CNC with round linear axes, I need only 2 axes. Do you think it will work well?
    Thank you

  6. Thank you, Very NICE and well kept, Neat!!! (Lot to copy from). I have a question. For the base estructure, did you use Extruded aluminum or are like the gantry aluminum plate. Thanks again

  7. Hello! Interesting, do you have any signs/scrathes on old SBR type linear shaft chromed and hardened surface? Are they good enough if the budget is tight?

  8. I my experience it is way better to have linear rails on the top and X gantry standing up on them then hanging of the side. Linear rails tend to work better and last longer that way.

  9. If you recall I emailed you and showed you my machine which was made after yours.. I too am now working on updating my linear rods to rails now. Cheers!

  10. That's just amazing to watch.
    It's not just a machine, it's a piece of art being perfected through 10 years. I think we all hobbyists can relate to this.
    Started to build mine few months ago, and I hope it will last that long.
    Good luck to you sir!

  11. I just got 4 Orientals 4 Usdigital encoders the drivers gonna set me back 280$ Rails? Got me 18 blocks, 14 HIWIN in 15mm, with 1069mm rails to match (7)… Plus two INA 48"… The cables and all the prox sensors, drag chain, z axis is built… Ready to. Build the frame. Wish me luck.

  12. Great video. Exactly what we are planning to do, so nice to see how simply the conversion can be done, and how adapter plates work etc. Lovely looking machine also. Nicely built.

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