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Types of CNC Machine: (Explained in detail) Lathe, Laser, Plasma and More


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CNC Machine | Types of CNC Machines

In this video, you’ll learn what is CNC Machine and how it works? Different types of CNC Machines, Specifications, and more.

What is CNC machine?
CNC machine defined as a machining system that is managed by a computer, they enable manufacturers to automate many manufacturing operations that would otherwise have to be done manually.

As a result, CNC-powered machines are employed to increase productivity, decrease waste, and even eliminate the risk of human error.

CNC machines can produce a number of products by using actuators, drives, and software programs.

Following are the types of CNC machine:

Generally CNC machines are classified according to their production work but in this video we are discussing different types of cnc machine that are as follows:

Lathe, Milling, Drilling, and Grinding CNC machines
Laser, Plasma, Electric discharge CNC machines
Router CNC machine

And more with other features such as:
CNC machine with automatic tool changes
3-D printer
5-axis CNC machine
Pick and place machine

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00:00 – What is CNC Machine?
01:05 – Introduction
01:31 – Types of CNC Machine
02:19 – CNC Lathe Machine
02:55 – CNC Milling Machine
03:30 – CNC Drilling Machine
04:08 – CNC Grinding Machine
04:41 – CNC Laser Cutting Machine
05:09 – CNC Plasma Cutting Machine
05:41 – CNC Electric Discharge Machine
06:18 – CNC Router Machine
07:06 – CNC Machine with Automatic Tool Changes
07:48 – 3D Printer CNC Machine
08:15 – 5 Axis CNC Machine
08:48 – Pick and Place CNC Machine
09:20 – Conclusion

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