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TWOTREES TTC450 CNC – Great First CNC!


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This is my first attempt at using a CNC machine! Lets see how I do!

Machine Specs
Engraving size – 460*460*80mm
Spindle – 74w – 80000rpm
Dual Y-Axis Steppers
32bit Board – DLC32 v2.1
3.5in Touchscreen
Max Speed 800mm/min
Running Accuracy +-0.1mm
Compatible Software – Candle, Carveco, Artcam, Easel, Carveco
Double Homing limit switches on X,Y, and Z

Software –
Easel – https://easel.inventables.com/ @inventables
UGS – http://universalgcodesender.com/
Carveco – https://carveco.com/ @Carveco

Recommend watching!

Disclaimer – This is an instructional video only – I assume no responsibility if you do not become a pro after watching this video. This video is for learning purposes only, you are following the steps in this video at your own risk!



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  1. The wires rubbing against the frame is because the drag chain is too far forward on the Y axis (go to 3:02 and zoom in). The rubbing cable that comes out of the end needs to bend back to connect. It can't bend back with enough slack to keep it out of the way of the fame when tied to the side of the upright. Unsnap a couple of bars (not the entire link) from the top of the Y drag chain to release a little more cable. This will let you wire tie it to the back of the upright instead of the side. The video on the SD card shows the cable tied to the back not the side. The cable doesn't get in the way of the limit switch when tied this way (tested).

  2. Looks like you may want to get a flat faced endmill and a ball nose end mill to clean up the operations with a finishing passes (meaning set up your main cut just short of the final pass finishing depth and take a shallow clean final pass). The ball nose will smooth out the rounded areas and the flat end mill and a finishing pass (maybe a .10 or .25mm) will clean up the rough flat zones. Fusion 360 free hobbiest version is still the best CNC software. But there's a learning curve. At least until they make it a paid software.

  3. Hi, I'm also a total rookie. In Carveco, what did you select for your Machine File Format? There are plenty of different printers, but nothing I can find related to the TTC450. Thanks!

  4. Hello and great video , i have been researching hobby cnc(do not own one ) . Another option is painters tape on spoil board ,and piece on underneath of work piece with super glue betwen them .

  5. Just found you tonight, but good video. The left side cover ! I removed about 10mm along that opening and the cable is no longer rubbing. Also the new upgrade kit is here just waiting for TwoTrees to give me the "go ahead" and show off the new 500watt motor etc…

  6. So dope! Greatly appreciate my friend, Tripods. We are honored that you enjoyed our product! Thanks for sharing your experience with your followers! and welcome all friends to follow Tripods and TwoTrees, we hope we can grow together and become better

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