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Top Laser Engravers and Cutters to Get in 2022


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Looking to add a laser to your shop? In this video, we break down the major categories as well as my top picks.

Clicklease Financing – https://geni.us/clicklease

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Diode Lasers
Aufero Laser 2 – https://geni.us/auferolaser2?track=yt-gvOL0MKGr84
Aufero Laser 1 – https://geni.us/orturaufero?track=yt-gvOL0MKGr84
Sculpfun S9 – https://geni.us/sculpfun_s9?track=yt-gvOL0MKGr84
Atomstack x20 Pro – https://geni.us/atomstackx20?track=yt-gvOL0MKGr84
xTool D1 – https://geni.us/xtool_d1?track=yt-gvOL0MKGr84
xTool D1 Pro – https://geni.us/xtool_d1_pro?track=yt-gvOL0MKGr84

Budget CO2 Lasers
OM Tech 40W – https://geni.us/kYTy?track=yt-gvOL0MKGr84
OM Tech 60W – https://geni.us/pNBZ?track=yt-gvOL0MKGr84
Monport Laser – https://geni.us/monport

Desktop CO2 Lasers
Gweike Cloud – https://geni.us/gweikecloud?track=yt-gvOL0MKGr84
Glowforge – https://geni.us/pzgIi?track=yt-gvOL0MKGr84
Full Spectrum Muse 3D – https://geni.us/kqv4U?track=yt-gvOL0MKGr84
Makeblock Laserbox – https://geni.us/nglIv?track=yt-gvOL0MKGr84
Flux Beamo – https://geni.us/mwYRM?track=yt-gvOL0MKGr84

High-End CO2 Lasers
Aeon Mira 5 – https://geni.us/uYgTU?track=yt-gvOL0MKGr84
Thunder – https://geni.us/8GLek?track=yt-gvOL0MKGr84

Pro CO2 Lasers
Epilog Zing 16 – https://geni.us/EELe?track=yt-gvOL0MKGr84
Trotec Speedy – https://geni.us/YP8IhAM?track=yt-gvOL0MKGr84
Universal Laser Ultra X6000 – https://geni.us/ANXWI?track=yt-gvOL0MKGr84
20W Fiber Laser – https://geni.us/XAaO?track=yt-d8NuMq7nH7s

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  1. I run a 20+yo Universal V 50 Laser. can't believe how well this Mahine is made Never changed the Laser, Changed 4 sets of Bearings and Drive belts in set of struts on the access Lid. Paid 65k A$ back than for a fully decked out unit rotary included and got more than10 times the money back Super reliable, super happy.

  2. Do Not Buy a Monport super shady business. Offer a Preorder discount that I jumped on. Got my laser when they release it however I endup being charge $114 over retail and they refuse to price match their own retail price. Its a "price reduction is a marketing strategy" where they overprice their preorder and drop the price on release. As of their release price drop 4 times in 2 or 3 weeks.

  3. Is the "air assist" is mandatory or that's optional, and what is it for exactly?
    I want to start a engraving company and want to buy the XTool Pro but I am new at this and I want to learn as much as possible.
    Thanks for the video!

  4. I couldn't keep watching after 10 minutes in. It made my head hurt! Do you actually use the lasers ever? How about chillers for the CO2s? Sorry if you included it later but most of these people want fast solutions…. an aquarium pump in a bucket is NOT that! Especially for the bigger wattage machines!!!!!!! Is there a redemption? I guess I'll never know because I'll never click on another video of yours! Just some advice… actually try them before you use them. PAID PROMOTIONS ARE THE WORST! Goodbye! Edited for 10 minutes in…

  5. I'm interested in working with lasers. One question I wished you had addressed is consumables. Do the diodes have a limited lifespan? How about the CO2 tubes as well? I know you mentioned upgrading the diodes so I'm assuming that's a DYI project and if your diode is 'dead' you can order a replacement. How about replacing the CO2 tube? Are there any other parts that may wear out? Thanks.

  6. we are ready to order the 20 w pro machine..is there a difference in the gray machine from the red machine? If i order an extension table, do i need to order 2 honeycomb sheets…Does the software come with the machine? what all would you order for this machine? Can someone please help with these questions….what is the difference between the metal risers and the wood riser blocks?

  7. I run a 10,000 watt Mazak laser at my job but I’ve been wanting to get a small personal one like this to do fun crafts on the side. This helped out a ton for sure!

  8. I wonder if a BL Touch from the 3D printing world could be added to a CO² laser. Once calibrated and outer dimensions specified it could perfectly dial in the focal point.

  9. Many diode laser frames have extended versions like the xTool frame – 936 x 432mm (36.85'' x 17''). I have been watching this industry grow for a while now. Once the lower cost diode lasers could do larger size jobs at 20W I finally purchased one. xTool D1 Pro 20W w/ air and extended frame. Very happy with it. Aside from the high quality build, xTool also has great community support with various add ons for the machine such as cases, air filters, cable management, feet / height options, etc – Love it when the community gets behind a good product. xTool's support has been good and they are continually updating their product line and software, so I think they will be giving us good innovative products for years to come. If your on a budget, you can also buy the lower cost xTool (5W, 10W) and then upgrade components as needed.

  10. First, great video! Great presentation style, nice and concise, good info delivered well. One thing I would have loved to have heard from you is what the main differences between a diode-based machine and a co2-based machine. I know you touched on diodes are more “beginner/budget”, and more compact and portable, but what are the pros and cons of each? Who’s the audience for each platform? And why would a diode be a better fit for this type of person, be a co2? And visa versa? I get that typically a co2 machine has a bigger work area, but I can’t image that’s the only benefit of going the co2-based route. Thoughts?

  11. None of these machines should be using the word PRO in their description. They are at best a hobby toy. The Chinese machines have part replacement issues and the water cooled are a real clumsy system that takes up space. Real pro machines, the kind that will last if you are trying to make money, are well over $12,000 dollars. Diode lasers required a LOT of patience and lots of scrap material to get the engraving where you want it on the work piece. The video is spot on but lacks in total coverage of lasers that are out there.

  12. Love these reviews, but would like to have your opinion on a laser that is portable and fast. I am looking for a laser to put in my craft show trailer. My main pourpose would be for engraving anodized aluminum minimalist wallets, flasks and tumblers.
    I currently have an XTool D1. I was going to use it, but it takes it around 10 minutes to do a wallet and I want this time frame brought down. So, I am thinking a fiber may be the best choice….but I also want to keep it sub-$2000 if possible. It will be powered using a gas powered generator and will be in an enclosed area (meaining out of spectator viewing range – but still well ventilated).

  13. FYI Brandon, Joann’s is now offering use of Glowforge lasers in some of their locations. The store in Kennesaw GA has one and the use price is $15/hr. You must bring your own laptop or tablet ready to go for your cutting or engraving work.

  14. By the way increase the lighting in your parking area so I can see clearly the machine because it's a little bit down for us more lights please thank you

  15. I am planning to open a CNC business for what cutting and engraving on doors ceilings and wood or metal I need is a laser CNC which can handle largest dusk I need your advice so thank you so much

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