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TOP FIVE ** MUST KNOW ** G Codes You Will Use For & How To Use Them on your cnc, Router Laser, gcode


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This video covers the basic codes you need to know for CNC. They are G0, G1, G20, G21 & G28

If you are new to CNC, you must understand G-code and the top 5 codes you will need to know.

G-code is the language CNC machines use to move through various motions. In other words, if you want the machine to move, it must have g code commands to tell it how to move.

this video covers the top 5 you will need to know about when getting into CNC machining or routing.

This CNC code will get you started in your CNC endeavor.

The top 5 G-codes you must know in CNC are:
G0 – Linear rapid motion
G1 – Linear feed rate
G28 – Rapid to the home position
G20 – The machine will move in inches
G21 – the machine will move in millimeters

G0 & G1 – 1:11
G28 – 7:12
G20 & G21 – 8:33

G-code and CNC machines are married. They cannot work without each other.

these work in any CNC machine that uses gcode, including routers and lasers.

This works for all CNC machines, routers, lasers, bobscnc, shapeoko, x-carve, xcarve, etc

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