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Top 5 Projects/Uses For Your CNC Router And Should You Buy A CNC For Your Wood Shop?


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If you’re curious about the Top 5 projects and uses for your cnc router you’re in the right place. We’ll talk about the process and how to make them with your CNC router. Great place to also see how a wood worker might add a tool like this to their flow!

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  1. Really enjoyed your video JR. I’ve recently purchased one and am enjoying creating with it. I have subscribed and will be watching all your videos as I learn to use V-Carve Pro. Could you tell me where you for the file or how you created the map of Middle Earth I saw in one of your frame projects?

  2. Great info, quite insightful. For your picture frames do you use the CNC to mill the blanks into 4 separate pieces and then use a miter saw or equivalent to subsequently cut them into an actual frame?

  3. Awesome information! Thank you for taking the time to show what you can do with a cnc . I’ve had mine for a short time …a little frustrating at times put I’m loving learning all the things that it can do . Your video was very insightful and informative.

  4. How did you secure the licensing rights to reproduce the logo of that author on that frame and sell it to your client? I’m quite confident that is a copyright violation and you could be sued.

  5. Lol I got my cnc and went stupid!!..I wanna make everything ? and usually end up doing nothing!! It's definitely an amazing tool I just need to get my head in order!!

  6. Neat ideas! I'm just beginning the CNC life.
    I have plans for cutting arcs and angles which I have always struggled with in traditional woodworking.
    I LOVE the idea of putting embellishments on an everyday door or drawer!

  7. Greetings from the Lowcountry. Just stumbled onto your video today. Thanks for putting it out. Very good job and information. I will certainly be watching more of your videos. I am a weekend woodworker. I just got a shapeoko 4 XXL within the past month and I love it. I am still learning every day, as I certainly will be for many years. I have pretty much stuck to making a few signs for friends and family so far. I will venture into other stuff as I become more familiar with the software. If I were to be able to make a few bucks from time to time would be welcome to help me purchase more wood. Again thanks for taking the time.

  8. For putting the bees on the wood and making them black like that and flush, what did you do? Did you use a laser or did you engrave it and then paint it? Can you please explain that part in more detail?


  9. Great video JR, and thanks for sharing. The one major step up the CNC has provided me is in making wedding boxes for my wife's ministry business. These hold letter-sized items like vows or 4 x 6 cards of poems, songs, etc. that the couples exchange during their wedding ceremony. I started making them before getting a CNC with sliding dovetails using a post and panel design and a barrel-hinged lid. The lid was then carved with their names and dates and a little wedding ring icon hand-routed with a palm router. The sliding dovetails always took a lot of time to make, with too much waste, too much time to sand down to fit correctly, etc. While they always looked decent, they were no match for what a CNC can turn out in much less time. Carving the names and dates have gone from rustic to beautiful and the wedding rings are nice 3D models inside a dish. In short, it's the same finished product, but the quality is so much nicer, less stressful to build and much less time required. And I'll be moving from a little Next Wave Piranha Fx to a Onefinity Journeyman 3-4 weeks from now, so I'll be able to take on larger projects with better speed and accuracy.

  10. Great video, thanks for sharing. Theses are of the things my CNC has helped with, Star inlays for Crosses I make, as well as engraving name etc as well. A lot faster then a Dremel.

  11. Some good ideas in this video, I have a customer that wanted 200 oval disks made out of custom wood, I would have gone made making these by hand. Love Vcarve pro. You have a new subscriber. Cheers Dave

  12. I make 3D Printed lithophane nightlight boxes. I designed the legs in Fusion 360 and 3D print the legs and all the photos. The top and bottom are made from Oak boards. Now I used my Sienci Longmill CNC router to make the top and bottom with perfect placement of the leg holes, center hole for the light, and a pocket for the lid.

  13. Very interesting video. I am just starting to look at CNC units. Lots to learn. Best size, type of software, most versatile brands etc. Subscribed to your channel in hope's of learning more about them to aid in my decision. Thanks for the informative video. Looking forward to seeing more regarding CNC machines.

  14. Thanks for the great video. I'm no woodworker and just getting started with CNC, but to me, my CNC is my planer, jointer, table saw, chop saw, and drill press. The only other two things I purchased is a Wen track saw (half the price of others) and a cheap ~$130 chop saw. But I only use those to break down material to fit on my CNC bed. And, a chop saw is useful for a number of other things around the house, like building my work benches for both the CNC, and myself where 1/8" accuracy is all I need. I see so many people spending time (and many thousands of dollars per machine) getting some material the size of a cutting board to a perfect, finished, state "ready" for carving/cutting on the CNC, when my surfacing bits do the planing, and the straight bits to the jointing.

  15. Great video JR! One place I use my Onefinity all the time is the customization of Charcuterie boards and wall art with custom client messages and engravings, in many cases hogging out the engravings and filling with epoxy.

  16. I am addicted to YouTube. I watch tons of channels related to CNC/Woodworking/lasers/3D Printing and your channel has quickly become one of my favorites.

  17. I agree its enhanced just about everything I do with my woodworking business. Add a digital art background and its been very fun. Dados are so nice to do now. I hate setting up dado stacks. and putting the brake on the SS and then back . The 1f or a cnc in general makes it a breeze. I wish I had bought one a decade ago. I'll probably buy a couple more 1f's or an Avid.

  18. Great video. I have been making shadow boxes and for retirees for about 7 years now. Once I got my Onefinity I was able to greatly enhance the shadow boxes with names, dates etc. Recently used my machine to make signs with each players names for my grandson's baseball team. I would never have tried to do that many by hand but the Onefinity cut each one out in about 15 minutes.

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