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Titanium Machining on a Small CNC Mill


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I’m starting to machine Titanium on my Small X3 CNC milling machine. In this video I show some of the end mills I’m going to try and my first cuts in 6AL-4V.

John Grimsmo’s youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/JohnGrimsmo



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  1. Hi Jim great video , I have been researching titanium just a little , and I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on something , I and getting into Paramotoring ( PPG, or Powered ParaGliding ) as a hobby , I know it will be expensive but eventually I would like to have a 2stroke engine case, crank , rod , cam and piston Machined out of titanium , (10k???? or so) would this be a good idea? the problem with cast aluminum is the heat and parts wear and or fatigue, for every 25 hours or so the engine has to be taken apart and inspected then rebuilt…….

  2. Great! Hope you enjoy the X2 CNC. I highly recommend looking at high speed machining techniques. In my opinion it's the only real way to machine titanium on a small machine. I've been moving over to BOBCAM which seems like it's probably the least expensive true 3D high speed machining capable CAM package.

  3. awesome i just got a x2 machine im in the process of cnc-ing out im a knife maker and im hoping it will work decent enough on some .187'' thick 6AL4v Ti i have for frame lock folding knife .enjoyed this video and gives me hope i can do it with mine-with a million slow passes of coarse haha

  4. I bought the piece of 6AL-4V as a cut-off for a little over $300.00. Expensive for me, but less than equivalent cut to order pieces. I should be able to make 2 lowers out of it, if I don't mess one up. Still, I'm going to take my time and try to not make any mistakes.

  5. I thought about doing the flood cooling thing, but most manufacturers don't recommend it with high speed machining techniques and AlTin coatings. Since I'm at the limit of my machines rigidity and the tool is still barely warm, I don't think flood would do me much good. A good airblast to clear the chips on the other hand, would really help I think.

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