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HomeCNC Laser Cutting MachineThis laser cuts through 2 inch thick STEEL!

This laser cuts through 2 inch thick STEEL!


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Thanks to Bescutter for sponsoring this video. Go to http://bescutter.com/ to learn more about their fiber laser cutters.
I’ve been wanting to see a metal cutting laser for a long time now. So when Bescutter offered to take me to their supplier factory in Jinan, China to see how they make these giant fiber laser cutters, and try one out, I jumped at the opportunity.

See behind the scenes at Strange Parts:


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Gear for this video:
Main camera: http://amzn.to/2BfHqiW
Main lens: http://amzn.to/2BAysJQ
Other camera: https://amzn.to/2t1yKWi
Microphone: http://amzn.to/2kNCqHg
Wireless microphones: https://amzn.to/2t12jHJ
Audio Recorder: https://amzn.to/2sXTEWt


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Edited by auram – https://www.instagram.com/aurxm/

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  1. I was searching for close up video demonstration laser weapon destructive power but, perhaps for security or secrecy reasons, couldn't find any. But this one gives nice close shot on amazing laser cutting capability! :O

  2. don't go near those without eye protection. That machine would need to be enclosed in a more responsible country. You are not going to enjoy cumulative and permanent eye damage,

  3. Wow, that is really a cool vdo of how a laser cutter is created @ a factory. That was awesome. So glad the factory owner was kind enough 2 invite U & let U create this vdo. Thx 4 sharing 9n Utube.

  4. All of the time, the Chinese guys are thinking, "Clazy hamerican… comes all the way to China to see high-tech raser machine that makey anything, and he wants silly business cards..!!!"

  5. Some of pixels on your eyes retina might got damaged. You should never be around cutting laser without protective window or glasses you can permanently damage your eyes.

  6. the big busnesscard would look nice on the door to youre office , might want to have it polished though
    as for the price of the machine , yes its expensive but when you look at the (amount) of products the company that buys them can make on it , it will return its investment in about a year or so and then make money like its going out of style , a boat builder now using a cnc acethylene cutter to cut there hull pieces could now cut them out without smoking the place up and without having to grind off the slag on the edges and the lasercutter make the parts way more precise too and with less heat distortion so the pieces can go straight from the cutter to the welders reducing the production time by half or more so the boatbuilder can build more boats in the same time using the same amount of space and need less people to do the same job if he decide to increase his shopspace

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