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The Cheapest CNC Milling Machine


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PCB Milling was on my TODO list. So I thought I’ll give the cheapest CNC mill a try that isn’t made from card board. You would be surprised how far I got within two days of messing around with that. The fun alone was worth every penny of this purchase. Enjoy!

Links to parts and tools (affiliate links):
Mini CNC Mill $140: https://aliexpress.bitluni.net/miniMill
ER11 Chuck with all collets $10.50: https://aliexpress.bitluni.net/er11
Different conical mills $3.80/10: https://aliexpress.bitluni.net/conicalMills
Mill Sets $7.70: https://aliexpress.bitluni.net/millSet
50 Mill Set $10: https://aliexpress.bitluni.net/50MillSet
Server Cabinet: https://ebay.bitluni.net/serverRack
Chainsaw ?: https://amazon.bitluni.net/chainsaw

My camera and lens (4k 60fps):

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  1. FlatCAM to generate gcode from gerber and bCNC to run the machine work for me. Also, flip the spindle mount over. It will stabilize the depth of cut. The machine actually supports probing if you hook the copper of the board up to the A5 pin on the header and ground the spindle (be sure to isolate the copper from the machine). This will allow you to probe and compensate for errors in the height of the copper on the PCB and control the isolation width. I've made a bunch of very high quality boards with this machine – not as good as having them manufactured, but a lot faster.

  2. It's amazing how people can be on different sides of the planet and yet, have the same equipment.

    I have that exact "box opening kit". LOL

    But seriously… it's been over 2 years now. Do you still use this machine to make PCBs?
    Is it still worth it or should we be looking elsewhere?

    If still good, have you done other videos for beginners in CNC on how to tune and dial in the right numbers to get good PCBs?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. To save money on cutters for what your doing use name brand center drills. They have worked for me for years and I use a bed mill to build and carve. I do lots of aluminum and delrin plastic. Center drills worked great for me and I got two ends to use also.

  4. Wow, this brings back memories when I first tried to mill boards of my own. It's really difficult to overestimate just how difficult this is, to get usable results with medium thin traces and pads. You find out really quickly that no board is completely flat, which can spell the difference between no trace and breaking a bit when you're using extremely thin v-bits. You really need to probe the board with a small mesh size to capture all the potential dips and bumps. Use silicone oil or another light oil to prevent chips from sticking to your bit as well as extending the bit's life, and run the spindle speed as high as it will go with carbide bits.

  5. my firend has one of these with a better 500W spindle put in. they are good for doard cutting and maybe milling in wood but i wouldnt go with aluminum. if you do get the cheap 500W spindle for aliexpress(very easy to find) you need to upgrade the z axis other wise it will move downwards instead of upwards but you know.

  6. You seems to have some hard time with that milling machine. Hope thing wil go better as time goes. One of the things I came to think about when I nearly finished assembly of my machine, and later on noticed others were doing the same, – not assemble the machine using af level meter of any kind to make sure it was in level when finished. I disassembled nearly all of mine – and then assembled it with af level-meter.

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