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Testing the most affordable CNC plasma cutter on Amazon Hynade CUT60DN


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The Hynade CUT60DN is a free hand plasma cutter but with the added features of plug and play CNC connections.
Not all plasma cutters are created equally, most cutters produce high frequency interference that can damage CNC equipment, the CUT60DN is a blow back pilot arc start and is designed to work with most CNC plasma cutters.
If you are interested in a Crossfire CNC table I definitely recommend considering this plasma as a great affordable plasma cutter for your table.

*This is the Crossfire CNC plasma table from Langmuir systems*
Here’s an affiliate link to the Crossfire website if you are interested in checking out the table
Don’t forget to use the promo code MIKEFESTIVA this will save you $100 at checkout on the table!

*Link to videos mentioned in this video*
Crossfire PRO CNC plasma table from Langmuir systems https://youtu.be/EMJFn1tOgh0
DIY plasma cutting table https://youtu.be/yJ8M_CXbzoo
Magnetic Chuck Grinding Station https://youtu.be/o-t046dVXEw

*Amazon Paid Affiliate Links Below:*
Use the Hynade Amazon Promo code 05MIKEWELD at checkout and save 5% on selected Hynade produces.
The Hynade CUT60DN CNC Blow back pilot arc plasma https://amzn.to/3G3oxhj *(This is the one in the video)*
The Hynade CUT80 Plasma Cutter https://amzn.to/3wqpP2F
Plasma Consumables for CUT60DN https://amzn.to/3Myn1Gu
The Hynade AC/DC 200amp Tig Welder https://amzn.to/3Ltk9ta
Amp Foot Petal for Hynade Tig 200 https://amzn.to/384nXU0
Shop Fox M1011 24-Inch Box and Pan Brake- https://amzn.to/3lsz9g5
Flame Resistant Welding Sleeves https://amzn.to/307x9D0
Miller ML00895 Lpr-100 Respirator https://amzn.to/3yabsP6
YESWELDER Auto Darkening Welding Helmet https://amzn.to/3oAD78J
Shade 5 Plasma Glasses https://amzn.to/3y7oVaB

*Here’s a paid affiliate link to Yeswelder website*
YESWELDER LINK: https://yeswelder.com/?ref=s6nzvjxbwejy
SAVE 10% on your entire order! Use Promo code MIKEFESTIVA and it helps me out a little bit too ?
You can find auto dim helmets here.



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  1. Dam Mike. You just keep missing out on the money I want to give you. I went into your description, so I could buy a Bower Surfacing Tool from your link, but you don't have a link to it. Bummer. Maybe some day I can give you some money. I already love stripper disks on my angle grinder, but didn't know they make them for flat plate.

    Mike, do you know what happens if you paint over top of mill scale?

  2. Can you cut thin gauge steel using this on your crossfire? Have you tried something closer to 24 gauge steel? Thank you for taking the time to make these types of videos!

  3. Thanks for the reviews you do. I was wondering if you could do one for a shop starter. 1500$ ish budget to get plasma/mig/tig ideally with ac for aluminum. I know this has always been a trouble for me and I am sure others. Having a guide to that point would be of great help to getting a good shop started even if it is piece by piece.

  4. Hey Mike! I just bought this Hynade Cut60-DN for my Crossfire Pro CNC Table but can't find the csfm rating to know what compressor size I will need. Hobby use, only a few hours per week but anticipate some longer/larger cuts at some point. I don't want to undersize but don't want to break the bank either.

  5. Would you be willing to do a video on what to look for when buying a plasma cutter? I want to start with freehand cutting but move up to a CNC machine. Secondary question, if you were starting from nothing regarding plasma cutter what would you buy?

  6. Got my Cut60DN in yesterday. Used it just a bit today. Keeps loosing the flame. I did have it under 20 amps on a 110 circuit. Need to get a 220 in the shop.and the metal was rusty. Do you know what is the min. air requirements to be stable on a CNC?

  7. so, i noticed at 16min you cut what you said was 16guage metal the n bent it on your brake. i did not notice any relief cuts, but the brake is only rated for 22guage… Have you noticed any effects other than it being tougher to bend….? I recently purchased a 48in rated for 16 gauge, and that was a concern of mine (others only being rated for 22guage) Alson based on your suggestion I picked up a cut80 for my 4'X4' table thanks for sharing your vid and info

  8. Hay Mikes watch most of your videos! In one of them you used a template that had different size round holes and slots that were also different shapes .
    Did you make that or buy it ? Nice addition for hand cutting I would like to have one if you can tell me where to get one . Maybe put it on Langmuir share page

  9. Great video Mike. Was wanting one and then I see this video so, you talked me into it. Just arrived and tested it out. Amazing. Eventually it will be paired up with the Crossfire table. Getting close to start fabbing up some fun machines like you.

  10. One of my favorite YouTubers. Keep up the good work man. I followed you on your 212 dirtbike build. I put a 79 predator on a razor bike

  11. I have had this on my wish list for a couple months, I think it has been since you did the video on the bestarc, I decided to pull the trigger based on this video! I think this is going to work well for when I finally build my plasma table.

  12. Mike, this out of sequence but a thought you may see & use on the center-articulation tractor you build removable front fenders for. Since you can remove then in the field, find a spot and weld two squares these can be stored in. Like the side the the dump bed! It is better that tossing them into the back to get scratches or bent. Just a thought.
    I worked on our family farm equipment since I was the oldest but this was before you were born. But leaving home at 14 (Family issues) but never went to tech school or high school did have a shop. But I spent my entire life working on vehicles & the last 7 teaching & holding tech seminars in 7 Midwest states before Dr. pulled the plug on working. Had a boss argue for 20 minutes to run a rented jumping jack earth compactor at 28 and destroyed my back. It got better to work at dealer, but old age has this “arthritis” thing and had 11 procedures, finally implant with spinal electrodes and they placed them wrong. So can’t even walk, just enough to mail box. Enjoyed the build surround by tools and use them ten minutes out of every 2-3 hrs. I had no cell since 2008 and YouTube has been fun. I have to learn aftermarket parts to build a 67 C10 to have a vehicle. At 6’ 3”, I don’t fit well in most even average weight but getting in & out is real hard. The truck fits and given free. A EFI Tahoe engine will make reliable and the OD auto I built on bench 2019 will help with fuel and made to handle 600HP with a basic stock 390 HO engine so I don’t have do repairs. All GM parts that are common & priced well. But, I have to get room in my garage as it is a 1 1/2 car to begin!
    Enjoy the vids, but having a place to hang your fenders when off is an idea.

  13. Excellent! I'm building a new CNC, and would like to add a plasma cutter so I'm watching and learning. It's good to get a recommendation to know what the price of entry is, and what to look for for this type of application. It looks like there is a straight torch cutting head available too.

  14. Another great product review video Mike. I am so glad that you do these since I, and a couple of my friends, are very interested in these same tools. You also do a great job on your project videos. You have great ingenuity and an ability to think outside of the box. Keep up the great work! Also, it is cool that you are a fellow western Washingtonian (I live on Camano Island). Two thumbs up!

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