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HomeMini CNC MachineSpecial shapes can be machining in one shot! #cnc #machine #tools

Special shapes can be machining in one shot! #cnc #machine #tools


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TetraForce-Cut series


■Cutting condition : Vc = 60 m/min, f = 0.02 mm/rev
■Work material : C45




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  1. ……. em tenra idade ( jovem) estive no centro de treinamento : 240 foi o n° de inscrições prá selecionar 30 ; fiquei em 3° lugar 😃 ; pura sorte ; sorte mesmo: conheci tornos; plainas limadora ; ajustagem de bancada ( fabricação de peças ; tudo básico do básico )

  2. I use my home CNC to machine form tools of any shape I like from Gauge plate. Ok, it's not Carbide, but it's easy to harden. I bet these cost a pretty penny. you'd have to be making serious numbers of a part to justify the cost of having these form tools ground.

  3. It’s crazy to think that the machinist/millwrights of the 40s and 50s were so good at there craft they built rocket motors that had to be taken out of museums in order to figure out how they worked. Then they couldn’t reproduce them because a machine couldn’t make the part. Optimization is the death of innovation. We haven’t made one single worthwhile advancement in the last 40 years. The field sciences are plugged up with yes men and pseudoscience garbage

  4. The idea of getting to use a carbide insert instead of a high speed steel dovetail excites me. With a rougher in front of it I'd guess I'd get more pieces because carbide holds a corner a little bit better

  5. We did that with Gridly screw machines, back in the 70s, using wartime era machines. 4 to six stations, utilizing cam driven forming tools. Think a Gatling gun configuration. System would index after each operation. Noisy and dirty, but hundreds of parts 〽️ an hour.

  6. Everyone so harsh about the 'chatter' (actually just a bit of 'squeal' towards the end). This might have been first take to show the new tool off before the optimal RPM was found (slower). Also this is a dry run and the finish is actually quite good!

  7. 専用の刃物ですな。うちもマシニングで鋳物に段付きの溝削る時に一発で削れる刃物作ってもらったけど、鋳物だとどうしても砂をかんですぐにダメになった。

  8. What’s the point of that? As in what’s it used for? It almost looks like some grooves in a spool of a hydraulic spool valve. Cool design.

  9. Для больших партий деталей и если металл как ниже сказано бронза (даже без С О Ж режущий инструмент долго не сгорит) а если легированые металл и поштучное производство тут нужен колефицированный токарь, и токарный станок с отрезным резцом.

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