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Router Sled — Build Under an Hour!


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This router sled is extremely simple to make! You can build it under an hour and it will last a long time and stay flat. Some may say I should have the perpendicular guides sandwiching the rail on the bed. I have done that before, but when you have a slab too big for your bed and need to use different rails, your sled would be useless. Anyway, What would you do differently?

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  1. Extra: The fixed rails must be level to each other…easier said than done. One easy infallible check a long tube filled with water in a U shape – like a manometer..hold one end to the end of one rail and move the other end of the tube to each rail end. Water in the tube will be at the exact same heights across tube ends.

  2. Needless to say….Don’t take for granted that the angle iron is flat and straight…esp from a big diy stores, cos they don’t care how stock is stored. Borrow a long spirit level in store and check that straight edge before you leave.

  3. I dunno man. Seems like the relatively rough steel will wear the router base pretty quick. Also I've never seen perfectly 90 degres angle iron on the inside. There's always a slope to the inside corner. Ie thinner at the edge than corner an it tapers. Imma just make mine completely out of wood

  4. Starting to change out all my corded tools to cordless and the MyBest.Tools are excellent.I just recently used it to router hinges for a 4 sets of doors with no issues and still plenty of power left (used a 3ah battery).Great visibility at the cutting area also.

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