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Router 101: Router basics for absolute, total beginning woodworkers.


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An introduction to the woodworking router. The router is probably the second most important power tool for a woodworking shop. In this video, I’ll go over the basics and get you up to speed quickly. After watching this video, see part 2: Your first router project: http://youtu.be/RmyytuR-iVE

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  1. I haven't been able to figure out why my new, straight bits jerk my wood and give me shitty cuts. I just gave up and decided to go back to using my table saw to cut grooves. So, I'm feeding it in the wrong direction and too much at a time?

  2. I guess an eleven year old video doesn't need yet another positive comment but I do want to say thank you; having just bought my first router, I had a lot of questions before I set it up to do some practice work and this video literally answered every question I had at this point – which direction, how to connect to and use a router table, adjusting depth, etc., and it even touched on things like fences, etc., for slots or dados, etc.

  3. Something I wish everybody would lookup is the difference between "chamfer" and "bevel." Bevel becomes a one size fits all word for a lot of people but they are not the same.

  4. This was great. Really helped more than the others I've seen that glossed over the detail. I'd like to know more about clamping and stabilising the work piece when you're without a router table

  5. As always, !!Great tutorials and videos!!

    I just bought a router and a table just like that… but I don't know what are for, or how to set the silver rings with orange measurements that the Router as on it, maybe you can give me a tip?… Thanks and greetings from Mexico.

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