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Restoration CNC Milling Machine – Part5 Spindle


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All motors for the spindle are ready at their place. Now I will continue on the X and Y axis.

Hope you will enjoy the video 🙂

If you like the video please share it with your friend to support my work 🙂



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  1. A lot of heavy work in few minutes (Y). don't you want split it into more videos and make "restoration serie"? It will be very interest and instructive. For example klimbikova bastlirna made and will be make a lot of videos about restoration milling machine.

  2. Machine coming along nicely, that Z axis ball screw looked pretty rough. Would have been a good idea to reball it while it was out. New ballbearings are cheap. And installing the backlash bearing pack, put them in to the freezer over night and they are very easy to install.

  3. Land lord said no dogs. So I didn't get a (another) dog. They didn't say anything about tons of cast iron on the floor joists in the living room. What is the plan? Set up and run the mill in the living room? This I gotta see …….
    Good clean fun .

  4. This is awsome, personaly i had kept the old radio and TV and a few parts of the matching furniture in the coffee room (if You plan to hawe one in the workshop), just to add to the 1950s style.

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