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Programming Dual Spindle CNC Lathes in Fusion 360!


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How to program a dual spindle Haas ST-20Y CNC lathe in Fusion 360! Dual spindle lathes are incredible – and one of best ways to get into “automation” – but the key is having a reliable and efficient way to program them. By using part placeholders, templates, and user parameters in Fusion 360, we’re able to program this simple part quickly and with confidence!

00:00 Intro
00:42 How to Insert Part File into Part Placeholder Component (CARD HERE)
01:50 User Parameters in Fusion 360
04:19 Work Coordinate System for Dual Spindle Lathe
05:33 Setting G54 and G55 on a Haas CNC Lathe
06:06 Setting G54, B0 Offset
07:08 Secondary Spindle Return & Parting Operation
07:36 Simulation Quirk
08:15 Activating Sub spindle & Sync View with Active Setup
08:57 Avoid Crashes & Positive Z-Value
09:18 Editing CAD (Changing Features In Same File)
09:55 Manual NCs & Pass-throughs
10:36 Adjusting Parts Catcher Location
12:22 How to Save File to Avoid Overwriting
12:48 NC Programs for Post Configuration/Properties
13:33 Outro

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Template Download & More: https://bit.ly/3jUP2ud

Reach us / CNC Info:

Speeds & Feeds: https://provencut.com

Download Fusion 360: https://www.dpbolvw.net/click-9255839-12529306

Online Fusion 360 Training: http://bit.ly/LearnFusion360

Hands-On CNC Classes: https://www.nyccnc.com/events

SMW Products: https://saundersmachineworks.com/

CNC Resources: https://www.nyccnc.com 5 Reasons to Use a Fixture Plate on Your CNC Machine: https://bit.ly/3sNA4uH



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  1. I see that you have the G14 spindle swap in a pass through rather than selecting "Secondary spindle" in the "Sub Spindle – Setup" spindle dropdown which puts the G14 at the beginning of the next operation. Any reason for this?

  2. I was hoping to understand how to setup the sub spindle on my own but this seems to be an advertisement for Fusion software. Using software is great for saving time but actually learning to do it manually is more important than having software do it for you. Thanks too bad.

  3. Have you ever used or looked into Mazatrol? I use it at work and it makes this whole process seem way excessive. It would be so fast to do this part on Mazatrol. For basic turning, C/Y axis milling/sub spindle work there's no sence to use any cam software, because Mazatrol is fast to program and edit. Very nice video anyway. I'd like to see longer videos.

  4. Cam and lathe content has been fantastic lately from you. would love to see you cover the turning multi tool style tool holders that are very popular and how you use them in fusion 360. the ones that can drill, turn internal and then also face external and face. (crosses centerline all that fun stuff and how to work around fusion not wanting to drill with it.

  5. When will the template file be posted to the NYC website? I followed the link and there are no files below the download area. Btw great episode as I have an ST20Y and this info will be very helpful.

  6. How to avoid accidentally storing over your template file:
    1. Memorize this. DO THIS ALWAYS. No exceptions.
    2. Open your template file.
    4. IMMEDIATELY Save As <new part file name>.

    Now start programming your part, saving frequently as you go.
    For sanity, try to look at the file name in the title every time before you type Ctrl-S, just to make sure you are still where you think you should be.

  7. What post processor are you using on fusion? Looking at the code this puts out, it doesn't unclamp the main spindle before moving the subspindle backwards to the partoff location. However, this is going to be a huge help over hand coding this. Thanks!

    Edit: Changed over to a different DS30 post processor, and the code looks great. Thank you again!

  8. I really enjoy this workflow, I've started to use it with my 3-axis and 4th-axis part setups as well. One thing I do which I didn't see in your file is to create sketches with large text as reminders, like what the last XYZ position update was, or arrows and text as notes. I do like your use of manual pass through to help further customize the template.

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