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Programming Dual Spindle CNC Lathes in Fusion 360!


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How to program a dual spindle Haas ST-20Y CNC lathe in Fusion 360! Dual spindle lathes are incredible – and one of best ways to get into “automation” – but the key is having a reliable and efficient way to program them. By using part placeholders, templates, and user parameters in Fusion 360, we’re able to program this simple part quickly and with confidence!

00:00 Intro
00:42 How to Insert Part File into Part Placeholder Component (CARD HERE)
01:50 User Parameters in Fusion 360
04:19 Work Coordinate System for Dual Spindle Lathe
05:33 Setting G54 and G55 on a Haas CNC Lathe
06:06 Setting G54, B0 Offset
07:08 Secondary Spindle Return & Parting Operation
07:36 Simulation Quirk
08:15 Activating Sub spindle & Sync View with Active Setup
08:57 Avoid Crashes & Positive Z-Value
09:18 Editing CAD (Changing Features In Same File)
09:55 Manual NCs & Pass-throughs
10:36 Adjusting Parts Catcher Location
12:22 How to Save File to Avoid Overwriting
12:48 NC Programs for Post Configuration/Properties
13:33 Outro

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Template Download & More: https://bit.ly/3jUP2ud

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SMW Products: https://saundersmachineworks.com/

CNC Resources: https://www.nyccnc.com 5 Reasons to Use a Fixture Plate on Your CNC Machine: https://bit.ly/3sNA4uH



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