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Pocket NC 5-Axis Desktop CNC Mill!


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We’ve seen a few three-axis CNC mills before, but not a five-axis one that’s made for desktop use. At this year’s Maker Faire, we finally got to see the Pocket NC at work, turning aluminum blocks into beautiful parts. It’s a beautiful machine!

Learn more about the Pocket NC here: http://www.pocketnc.com/

Shot by Joey Fameli and Adam Isaak
Edited by Adam Isaak

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  1. Clearly you know how to build a 5 axis machine.

    Why limit the customers by choosing to make a small build base though. Like from the size heard you cant mill say brake callipers for a car. Or anything that size or larger.

  2. 3:15 company havent grow prices are. if believe product make them alot so it come cheaper. not build one to order. its like i have money on my pocket. wait it cost now more. well thats your money you not get it lol

  3. Make a "pro version".. if you well.. bigger and stronger to cut steel and bigger pieces. The spindle stick out is too much for it to be stiff.. needs to be redesigned. As is its very nice but not very useful.

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