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Plasma System Grounding Instructions Direct From Hypertherm..


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This video covers the Hypertherm guide to properly grounding your plasma CNC robot. I seriously suggest all those interested in building a plasma system, or any type of CNC robot to take time, and review the article, and implement their advanced grounding to assure your system never is plagued by EMI. Thank you, Vince My stores link is http://stores.ebay.com/eDealers-Direct?_trksid=p2047675.l2563 The hypertherm article to download is here https://www.hypertherm.com/Download?fileId=HYP103900&zip=False



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  1. In the past I have designed lab engine ignition and fuel injection systems and dealt with EMI from those same ignition systems and huge DC dynamometers, but I can imagine that was nothing compared to the raw lightning of a plasma system. I am all ears here. Thanks for posting this.

  2. Its been sitting all day in front of my plasma cnc build, thinking how to shield the HF, When the Plasma triggered EMI effect the surrounding,
    already broke the 6560 Stepper motor driver at 5 times i been replaced , and i expend a lot of time, still finding a solution Thank you so much for the video

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