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Onefinity Woodworker vs X carve 1000mm // Best CNC machine to buy?


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In this video we will compare the Onefinity Woodworker vs. the Inventables X-carve. I’ll go over the pros and cons of each machine and hopefully help you decide which CNC is right for you! Hobbyist CNCs are super popular right now and there are more options each year! What one should you buy?? I can’t tell you what machine to buy, but I do own two of the most popular cnc router machines on the market! Hopefully my breakdown helps some of you. If anyone wants to send me a Shapeoko or any other comparable machine I will gladly put that to the test as well! ?

Digital Downloads

Intro 0:00
Pricing 1:11
Machine size 2:22
Machine Mechanics 2:45
Must have accessories 3:54
Assembly Time 5:19
Software 6:35
Cut Test 8:03
Cut Test Results 11:50
Finishing Trays 13:55
Conclusion 14:45

Items used:
Bowl bit 1/2 (3/4 bowl bit used in the video but currently not available on amazon): https://amzn.to/2XntUlP
1/4 Down Cut: https://amzn.to/2JTFrGu
60 degree v bit: https://amzn.to/2XnkWoW
Masking tape: https://amzn.to/2XmDCF6
Titebond Super Glue: https://amzn.to/2JUYn7T
Walrus oil: https://amzn.to/2XnuzUl
Affordable Laptop: https://amzn.to/398TzV3
Expensive laptop: https://amzn.to/2XkZUXP
Spindle alternative: https://amzn.to/35q3zbm
Makita router: https://amzn.to/3bpKtpp

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Onefinity Vs Shapeoko Blog post by Myers woodshop: https://www.myerswoodshop.com/blog/onefinityvsshapeoko
Onefinity vs Shapeoko Blog post by Furniture by Pete:
If you’re aware of any other good write ups let me know i’ll link them here!

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  1. Now listen here… that was entirely too clean, informative and well prepared for a YouTube vid. Not once did I feel I was wasting my time. Really high production value, you earned my follow and like, as well as probably sold me on the Onefinity. (Considering doing a vertical wall mount!) Keep it up.

  2. I've been binge watching a bunch of videos because I've been looking at getting the Onefinity cnc and you guys have the most helpful videos! Thank you!

  3. Extremely detailed and clear directions Allmy.Tips I accept even a child could design a shed using this shed plan. It spares you lots of time while building. What's more, the cost is mind blowing. I am excited!

  4. Im a CNC Machinist. Best way to check accuracy is to mill a box shape then inspect it in X and the deviation is your error and same in Y. Have to also do it like 5 times to check repeatability.

  5. Im a cnc operator on big, 2x4m ATC (9kW spindle) cnc's…

    The X carve is not a shadow of the Onefinity. Belts and wheels may work for 3d printers, or pick-and-place machines… not really for routers beyond novelty types.

    The Onefinity at least has "real" linear motion components, even if unsupported round rails are not top of the pile. I would pick it @ $2500 even if the X Carve was sold for $1000…

  6. This is a apples to broccoli comparison. The X-Carve is technically a Shapeoko 2 with a few upgrades. The Onefinity is much better design but without Ed Ford and the X-Carve there would be no Onefinity today.

  7. :55 I’m not going to tell you which machine to buy…. 14:58 “personally if I was gonna drop $2500 I would go with the Onefinity” LMAO Nice review and thanks for making a recommendation , although without it, I would conclude the same from an excellent “unbiased” 😉 review. I’m gonna get one. Assembly, design, speed ….. how could you not ….Onefinity bound

  8. Just curious where you set the dial on that makita for the onefinity? And do you leave it there or change it with different bits.

    All the router bits I have seem to say max RPM of 18,000

  9. Thanks so much for walking us through this, I’m about to make my first CNC purchase and this video along with your video on setting up the new one finite has been SUPER DUPER helpful. You’re very concise and clear with facts and tips. Keep these videos coming, I’d love to see more videos on feed rates and any info one the onefinity CNC….its actually in my shopping cart right now and I’m about to press confirm!

  10. Disclaimer: I like your videos. There are many factors that contribute to chatter from feed/speed rates to condition of end mills, from carriage positioning mechanism(belts, lead screws, rack and pinion, etc to overall machine set up(maintaining bolt torque, parallelism, etc.. independent of all of that is fixturing. I have a CNC Mill and have learned that fixturing is among the most important elements of obtaining a quality finish. While CA glue and masking tape is quick and easy, and may seem to take a significant amount of force to remove, it is NOT a direct replacement for mechanical fixturing. One can spend more time using mechanical fixturing at the front end and potentially less time on the back end sanding out the chatter.

    Side note – seeing your table move around (4:53) is EXACTLY what you don't want. The motion/energy created by the servo motors is intended to move only that XY axis, if it is moving the table, you are losing resolution. You might say you were only quickly jogging the machine around the table but that doesn't matter, you WILL lose resolution.

  11. I have been in the wood construction industry for 40 years and purchased a Onefinity a year ago, running V-Carve Pro. I am computer literate but have never had any dealing with CNC. I spent a month learning the software in my spare time and the machine was easy enough to not require much time in learning the operations. This machine has made such a change in my shop, the options are unlimited and left to your imagination from that point forward. I am in the process of funding the purchase of 2 more machines to ad to my shop. I know they have a 4X8 system that is my plan as well. Thank You Onefinity and V-Carve Pro.

  12. Hi, great video. I'm brand new to woodworking. I'm making a project for people where I'm using my jigsaw to cut it out. I think the cnc will give me more opportunity to expand my options for people. The problem is I have no idea what to order. This is all pretty overwhelming. I have limited space so I am looking at the folding table or wall mount system. Can you do a video on where to begin? I don't know what is necessary and what is not. I think I'm just going to order everything from Onefinity when I decide. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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