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Obtaining FLAWLESS Surface Finishes on a Lathe | Works of ART Compilation


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Machining on Doosan Puma 2600SY Lathe. Incredible Mastercam Processes. Speeds and Feeds for Kennametal Tooling Included for following materials, 360 Brass, White Delrin, 6061 Alum, 1018 Steel, 4140 Steel.

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  1. How the hell did they get that plastic (POM I guess?) To break chips??? Pleeeaaaase make a video on turning plastics. I hate those long chips that just wrap around everything and cause damage

  2. I'd just like to mention that someone contacted me about winning the last giveaway and they sent a request for shipping info and a list of shipping costs for the 3/4 inch harvi end mill and there were 3 tiers of shipping costs with the cheapest at $68 bucks with no expected date of delivery and later I discovered the number was in Newfoundland Canada. Scammer.

  3. Surface finish is governed by the drawing specification. There is no point in trying for 10 micro finish if the spec is for 63? Most manufacturing today is specked using SPC. So all parameters especially tight tolerances should be specked using SPC.

  4. We run parts that need a 16 micro finish. Easy with the right insert and good steel. Have to polish almost every part cause our buyers get the cheapest shit they can find. It's called "strategic procurement".

  5. Why do you have to be so clickbite? There is no answear to title of the video, just some random clips put together. Titans, wake up before it's too late and you loose too many viewers!

  6. I definitely don't recommend roughing raw material with cutoff tool – the insert may move a bit under the force and you won't meet your tolerances. Also for finishing high faces, it's definitely better for both tool and workpiece to finish downward. With 93° finishing tool, every 0,01mm (.0004") makes huge difference – high tool wear, bad surface finish, and on older machines which have its shortcomings, it happens quite often – bad probe measures roughint tool too much into the workpiece and to finishing tool is left no material to cut. In most cases it's better to finish such surfaces downward into the axis.

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