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New Project! A much more capable CNC milling machine!


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I was getting tired of the limitations of my 3040 CNC already so I’ve started work on a much more capable CNC. The design isn’t finalized yet but I’m starting on it anyway!

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  1. Old video new post. Every one who has praised you on this build lacks the basic engineering knowledge and experience. This is the most haphazard linear motion build i have ever seen. You had the table machined but didnt think to get a reference edge or holes drilled for the linear rails ? Would have saved 2 days work. You didnt helicoil the aluminium holes so after a bit of axial loading the threads will bruise weaken and loosen and your alignment will drift and slop will be introduced. You did not clean the holes after tapping. I didnt see you stone the linear rail surfaces or clean them at all. So many wrongs and very little rights, the only positive feedback i have for you is that you had the right gear but just no idea.

  2. Tremendously amusing: you have a HUGE chunk of Aluminum for your X-axis-plate, and you called it "Scrap". LOLOL! Well, perhaps you work for the Government or a Military sub/contractor! LOL!

  3. Just discovered the history feature of YouTube…I forgot to subscribe & couldn't find this video…for 2 days I've looked lol. Thank you for making this. Buying parts for my own & would rather build sturdy so I don't regret it. Your machine makes most of the others look like toys (some are amazing & all are useful…just not what I want). I will sacrifice some rigidity for a moving gantry…but we all compromise somewhere:)

  4. Yes a very good video. But that damned noise called music from hell; ruined an otherwise GREAT video.

    When will YouTube videos realize that ANY kind of music plays NO good role in ANY video, that is not about music.

    What is worse; For those of us (Growing all the time) have NO way of turning that music from hell off; and still listen to important rhetoric.

    For whatever it's worth.

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