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New CNC-Router | HAMMER HNC 47.82 from FELDER + review


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Showing and reviewing the new CNC router from FELDER. The Hammer HNC 47.82

Support me here: https://www.patreon.com/mariushornberger?ty=h
or support me through my Amazon wishlist: https://amzn.to/2QoQbhw
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More information about the machine: https://www.felder-group.com/de-at/produkte/cnc-bearbeitungszentren-c1953/cnc-portalmaschine-hnc-47.82-p142995 (link might not work today)

Download the 3D-printed T-track nut
Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/MariusHornberger/designs
Prusaprinters: https://www.prusaprinters.org/social/48769-marius-hornberger/prints

Enjoy the video!



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  1. I am currently in the market for a desktop cnc and am looking at the Hammer 47.82. Came across your video and you :-). Great video. You have had this cnc for 2 years now, what have you been using it for? It would be interesting to see a video of you reviewing the cnc now that you have been using it for 2 years.

  2. WEll, I found your review minutes ago. Great work. OK, TG Spindles are not hightech and cheap chinese Ball Screws would have been much better than that. But Felder did a great job with this thing. 10mm Steel at the sides of the bridge with these sheet things inside – well done. What my interst would have been, the underside of the machine – how ist that solved.
    BTW this cheap kind of chewy aluminum from Baumarkt is the worst to mill – lots of alcohol/spirit could change the welding on the cutter tips. You should never mill that material without some spirit.
    Did you have other machines in your choice?

  3. What happened to the price? They skyrocketed since your video! 4700 € VAT incl. in Germany (5533 € in France with same VAT!!!) for the basic model without any spindle, instead of about 3500 euros. The 2nd model with the 2.2kW spindle included went from 5100 € to 6486 € (DE) and even 7598 € (FR)! Mad! What are they up to?

  4. Great machine Marius…?. Your reviews are really good, you take the time to explain everything very well and show all the information so it’s easy to understand. I have learned a lot from watching your YouTube content. Thank you.

  5. Good to see you have upgraded your CNC capabilities. I have had a similar machine for about 10 years and use it daily…Mostly on our hardwoods here in Hawaiʻi. Enjoy!

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