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My First Industrial CNC Plasma Table: ShopSabre SideKick 8 (Features, Specs, and Cutting)


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SideKick 8 Plasma Table: https://dflo.info/ShopSabre
80 gal Craftsman Compressor: https://dflo.info/Compressor
HTP Air Dryer: https://dflo.info/Air-Dryer

Fusion 360 Post Processor for ShopSabre Plasma Tables: https://dflo.info/Post-Processor
How to build a Plasma Table:

Plasma Cutter Buyers Guide:

Nearly all the CNC machines in my garage were built from the ground up or were previously manual instruments. However, there are some machines that are just too large to build at home. A 4’ x 8’ CNC plasma table is great example of this. Having a cutting capacity of 4’ x 8’ not only allows you to make massive parts, but a table of this size can cut sheet metal that comes right off the roll, which is cheaper to purchase. Cutting large pieces of metal overtop a water table requires a very rigid frame. Needless to say, large plasma tables are better to purchase than build.

In this video, you will get to see the delivery of a ShopSabre SideKick 8 to my new shop. This is a premium table, with a massive frame and thick linear rails. The gantry’s motion is powered by servo motors that drive a circular gear along a linear track (i.e., rack and pinion). This linear motion setup is very quick (1000 ipm travels) and resilient to dust and debris. Watch as this table moves a powermax85 torch as it effortlessly slices through 3/16” steel.
I am very excited to use this tackle large projects that I have imagined for years. I will also be generating educational content on how to program and optimize plasma cutting operations.

Table of Contents:
00:00 – Introduction
01:13 – Frame and Linear Motion
05:47 – Torch and Mount
07:00 – Water Table
08:40 – Powermax85
10:13 – Controlling the Table
12:07 – Plasma Cutting
15:18 – Considerations

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  1. Cuts are not clean, how come there's burr along the edges of each cut for such a high tech machine..?? I have to think it's because the material is so tough being steel but would be different on wood or plastics..??

  2. Since you are noise conscious, you should check out California Air Tools compressors. They have ones that are in sound dampening enclosures. Definitely expensive, but may be worth it.

  3. You should bond that ground rod to the ground in your main electrical panel (Utility Ground). Absent that bond, there will be a difference in potential between your tables ground and your utility ground, and should your building get hit by lightening, it will take the least resistant path to ground. Absent those being bonded, your table may be sacrificed because it may be the less resistant path. I'd venture to guess you will void your Shop Sabre warranty by not having that new ground properly bonded to the utility ground per NEC code.

  4. Having Clearpath servos, I couldn't help but notice that it pauses in corners for quite a bit (not 100% sure which exact cornering style it was, but seems to be simple cornering without going 1 kerf beyond before turning) and also the huge pause before next surface probing and cut. I don't think this software is well calibrated for this application. Because many software packages don't actually care about constant surface speed operation because they were made for other types of CNC machines, like routers and such. In my experience, the best performance for specifically plasma cutting I've seen, was from LinuxCNC-based system with Mesa ethernet I/O card.
    Other than that it is amazing machine! The mechanical part looks awesome. Congrats on getting it!

  5. David, I have the 5×10 version of this table, and I agree it is a very good machine. Best of all is the lifetime support which has been exceptional. I do need to correct you regarding the power requirement. I also have the Powermac 85, and it requires a 100 amp breaker feeding a min 60 amp time delay fused disconnect.

  6. Hey Dr. D-Flo! I simply love your videos and they're just amazing, especially that you really go the extra mile in explaining everything which is just so so so great for a nerd like me who likes to know everything! I have an idea for you… I can see that this gantry is just an overkill and I love it, but why don't you use this gantry for your palette extruder 3D printer? I know its a tough one,,, but I can see that the gantry you're building for the 3D printer isn't rigid enough for huge 3D printed parts, especially with that wobbly lead screw… its just an idea that came to my head and I wanted to share it with you, as I've built large 3D printers before and due to large material lengths, the structural integrity is really important… hope you always have fun in your projects and keep making my friend, you really inspire us all! 🙂

  7. You easily deserve 10x the subs you have right now. All of your projects are awesome by themselves let alone the quality of production, education, and level of detail that you include. Keep it up, I'm sure it'll happen in time.

  8. great and neat machine. You said two inches thick capability but it's not possible with the Powermax model you have… check out the specs, even the Powermax 125 is in several cutting at that thickness. Higher than 1.5 inches you need to go big: HPR260XD/400XD or XPR300. As a side note I recommend you add MotorGuard M-60 submicronic filter before you get the dryer (costly), you will get longer consumables life and even better results. plasma needs the best air you can give it

  9. I have to say some time ago i watched just a few min of one of you videos and i rushed to judgment and thought to my my self DR DUMB ASS I think i was fighting with my girl and hated everything. So today im my normal self and watched a full video and really like what you do! So now im following you and need to come clean And have to say im sorry for thinking that. No body knows i was thinking that but me. I hate when people are like that so had to come clean again sorry you really have good videos and are good at what you do so thank you for that

  10. the z height comes in handy when cutting programs in pans or electrical boxes with a shallow edge, etc.. Gets the head up over the edge. Also nice for raising the work up off the table if needed.

  11. quite the difference from the days of the zeny cut50, and homemade table……yep…..guessing everything + shipping cost………$17,000…..also dont know why you need to pay for shear…..i mean, you have your own plasma cutter….shear the 4×8 yourself

  12. From a production shop perspective, as long as you stick to steel you'll be fine. As soon as you cut stainless or aluminium for few hours, you'll want good fume exhaust anyway.
    Not worth the health issues, imo. Aluminium fumes are nasty.
    Also, all your steel will start rusting unless you use some inhibitor or dry off all material right after cutting, which is a pain.

  13. Given your experience with CNCs and now that you have a plasma cutter to make rigid parts with clean finish… can you make desktop 3018 cnc kits and sell? I would be your first customer.

  14. Shop sabre magnetic release torch mount is crap.one bump and all is screwed unless you catch it.he has the upgraded torch bump stop .watch other people's videos that point out the bad parts of the table.there industrial plasma table jumped up alot in price.crazy they don't add must have feature s for jumping up the price

  15. What I would like to know is why does plasma go slower than laser as in z movement and what the difference is between the drives between the two because there's no reason why x and y can't match the linear speed but z seems slow and retract height, I know the the difference between high power laser cutting and plasma piercing, watching 3d printing going from 100 to 500 mm/s movement shows that speeds can be achieved.

  16. Nice dude! Have the same one at work with the oxyfuel and metal scriber added on. Been working good for over two years now. Shop sabre has been great everytime we've had to deal with them.

  17. If you like that cut edge, check out a laser cutting machine. Effectively zero dross. Ready to weld immediately after cutting, with no grinding or deburring.

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