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Modern High Speed CNC Lathe Machine Working, CNC Milling Machine Metal


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  3. Is it true that CNC operators will be replaced with robots within 3-4 years (or maybe just a little later) and just the CNC programmer position will stay for human?

  4. Does anyone knows some tutorials about types of CNC works? To learn what is possible what is not, which process is cheaper and which one more expensive etc.
    Any recommendations would be highly appreciated.
    I'm an electrical engineer and sometimes I have some mechanical structures that I design by help of a mechanical engineer. The problem is that sometimes I design some mechanical structures that would have perfect electrical performance but when it comes to manufacturing it is too hard or impossible or too expensive for CNC to make it. Having some basic knowledge of CNC processing and limitations would help me a lot during the design phase.

  5. Difference between rollomatic cnc and cnc lathe!! I have 4 yrs experiance of running rollomatic np5 machine! Can i be able to run other kind of cnc machinea as automobile cnc or furniture cnc!! What are the differences!!

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