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Mini Epoxy Granite CNC – 1/4


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Building a cnc machine with epoxy granite structure for students and enthusiasts.
This video is on mold process making.

music: Frontier – THOMAS VX



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  1. Are you using MDF boards as the datum reference when mounting the hiwin rails? If so what is the flatness accuracy of the end result after molding for the datums of x,y and z axis? Do you think it will be better to attach pre-cut steel rectangular datum bars to the mold? It will be a little more expensive but you will have an accurate datum plane that is flat down to 5-25 microns depending on the quality of the steel rectangular datum bars. The steel rectangular datum bars will provide flatness and parallelism accurate edges.

  2. Awesome CNC project! I'm thinking about making one too. What did you use to seal the inner molds? I assume it was used to make it easy to release. 🙂

  3. Looks nice!

    One suggestion, maybe you could make the table a little bit longer in x direction and close off the gap underneath such that dirt can not fall to the y-rails.

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