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MetalWise CNC Plasma Cutter Demonstration


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The above named video contains a demonstration of Advanced Machinery’s MetalWise CNC Plasma Cutter in action held at our DIY Workshop in Jet Park of which the demonstration was done by our very own main Technician from China. The video demonstrates exactly how Advanced Machinery’s CNC MetalWise Plasma Cutter cuts out the AM logo along with a number of various other designs out of Vastrap 8mm steel.

The video also assist us with a detailed explanation of how the Plasma Cutting Machine works, what uses the Plasma Cutter is suitable for, and provides more information regarding Advanced Machinery’s different categories of their CNC MetalWise Plasma Cutting Machines such as:

MetalWise Lite: a portable, lightweight and very affordable entry level CNC Plasma cutting solution
MetalWise Standard: suitable for most applications, our recommend CNC metal cutting solution
MetalWise Large: our CNC metal cutting solution for supersized metal plate cutting.

For further enquiries regarding our CNC Machinery please feel free to contact us on 060 600 6000 or visit our website at: http://am.co.za

You can also refer to http://amused.co.za/#CNC-Plasma-Cutter for more information regarding our CNC MetalWise Plasma Cutting Machines.




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