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Meet Maslow, the $350 CNC Cutting Machine


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We welcome Bar Smith and Hannah Teagle to show us their Maslow CNC cutting machine, which comes in a $350 kit. This CNC uses an upright design to hold a 4×8 foot sheet of plywood, and is completely open source. We talk about the goals of the Maslow CNC project and what kind of big things it can make!

Find out more about the Maslow here: http://www.maslowcnc.com/

Shot by Gunther Kirsch and edited by Norman Chan

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  1. Very interesting. I get lost in pretty much every computer related task. Even "paint" (basic art program) projects often do not turn out as planned. I've heard I have a more Neanderthal genetic/DNA markers than most people. I guess that's why I'm tempted to smash computers when I can't get the result I need. Those 3-D programs like autocad co$t way too much. I can't figure out the old "TurboCAD" either. I've always been interested in getting help from a computer for many artistic projects. Some include: Photo manipulation (small success with cheap programs), video creation Cheap programs (still rare successes) and music programs (rare success). I wish things could be less difficult rather than more difficult when I attempt to use a computer. It's probably not going to happen. If anyone can figure out who I am and direct me to some help, I would appreciate it. -Ron

  2. Poorly setup cameras, we do not want to see the designers back or him blocking the views. Are you talking to each other or the cameras – MC needs help? You should have zoomed into the sword cut…. Nice use of safety glasses. What is the controller used? The BOM should have been shown to understand what $350 gets you.

  3. This excellent video brings up some questions: Can images to be CNC-cut by a Maslow be generated using Shaper3D on an iPad? What about SketchUp on a Mac? How are images uploaded? Via USB cable? Via thumb drive? I've seen people use much more expensive CNC routers in production woodshops on YouTube, but they are ridiculously expensive and made to do production work. If I wanted to DIY build projects for my home, such as homemade plywood workbenches, homemade cabinets, storage crates, etc., and efficiently cut all the parts for a project out of a single sheet of plywood to save money, can the Maslow do this, and is the cost really going to be in the sub-$500 range?

  4. All in this openSource CNC starts at approximately $1800, then adding the laser option brings it above $2700 CDN. Where does the presenter make the claim of low cost in this video? Sounds like bait-and-switch marketing which is illegal in Canada. I estimate that with a stand build, a router and CNC bits, this would start at no less than $3200. I’ll stick with my track saw for breaking down sheets, and traditional power tools to complete projects. Nice attempt at lower cost CNC.

  5. Have a look into UN SDG's, and imagine how easy all could be, with an economical base for a better world for every single one: Imagine, in Central Africa, suddenly 1,000 cooperatives would use such low-cost high-tech to produce 10,000 things cheaply in small numbers and then sell them around the world. Suddenly the worst poor countries would be at their best. With their very inferior currency, they could sell at an unbeatably low price and still make a high profit …

  6. This totally sold me on the machine, so I bought one. THEY ARE A TOTAL P.O.S. wasted my money, steep learning curve. Stay away, don't waste your money.

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