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Making THIS Work Wood / Awesome Woodworking Machinery


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  1. Great solution dude!! I'm dying with the Jerry and green tape references. I really appreciate the shout out! Can you work on calibrating the spring joint out of my machine next time?! LOL. Oh, and I will DM you a thin strip solution that another maker across the pond came up with that was similar to mine, but worked much better.

  2. So if I understand correctly, you don't want the infeed and outfeed rollers to grab the wood? I have the same idea of machine from a different manufacturer and for jointing operations I can disconnect the rollers, not sure if you have that option. With the sled in place to keep the roller from pushing down and the rollers disconnected there should be no need for a bearing or anything in the location of the roller?

  3. Great vid! Super informative. I wonder if a roller bearing side by side (like a figure 8) to create a saddle that your “problem feeder” can rest in would have more longevity?! ?

  4. I'm afraid you'll will get problems with feeding. On that model, the feed rollers are driven by friction against a large wheel with a plastic coating. if you press the feed rollers to hard, they will soon wear to a flat spot on the large wheel. Remove the side cover on the back of the planer and you will see what I mean. If you use the idea of ​​ball bearings, it should work, I think ?

  5. Fixing it ?

    That's going to be a fantastic collaboration!!!
    I'm very much looking forward to it!!
    BTW- I'm already subbed to both of y'all, but I'll be sure to share some vids!!
    That should help a little bit…
    Oh, hey! If EVERYBODY shares the SAME video – THAT would REALLY help the channel !!
    We should ALL collab to do THAT!!!

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