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Making Plasma Cutting Machine


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Track makes cutting metal very easy is accurate and fast. The machine is equipped with two strong electromagnets so that the cut piece is stable and does not move during cutting. I used an old screwdriver 12v I found on the scrap metal. To power the screwdriver and electromagnets I used a 12v 16A dual channel power supply, and a speed controller to control the screwdriver’s rotation. Thanks to the adjustable length, we can adjust the machine’s distance to the size of the piece to be cut.



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  1. Ну, негорящую тельняшку я еще могу понять, но зачем было так долго городить этот резак? Добавил бы ещё поперечную ось и получил бы полноценный нормальный cnc резак. ?

  2. The title of this video is misleading, this isn't a plasma cutting machine at all, this is just a motorized x-axis stand for the " plasma cutting machine" you already had…I would've liked this video, but I don't like being lied to.

  3. When I seen you build that car jack vise I seen you twisting the release valve with your fingers and I thought you were going to fabricate something fancy for that valve. I didn't expect an old screwdriver. lol! That's okay though….

  4. Избыточная конструкция. Это же не станок, где надо сотки ловить. 4 длинных гайки – 2 на ограничители и зажим и 2 на площадку для зажима плазмореза +1 шаговый двигатель на 220В + 2 концевика. Выйдет в десять раз легче и в 5 раз быстрее по сборке.

  5. You could make it 2 directional by placing one more bar so the head could slide from one side to the other. You'd have to place it underneath current head. Also,. A simple program could be written to cut shapes that you draw instead of manually doing it. It would be a cool upgrade. All on all youre a badass dude. Good job!

  6. you are an excellent master but give measures for cutting and show nicely how you tie the wires you don't show everything nicely fine we saw 90 percent but show nicely from the beginning to the end and insert the measures. Thanks and regards

  7. So you're not going to discuss what you're doing and you don't know what a plasma machine is but yet you're using one it's just not what you said this video is

  8. You spent a crap load of money so you could have that thing cut a strait line for you….seriously? You're that lazy or what? Could you not just make a single sliding rail on the edge with the adjustable plasma holder and just use regular magnets to hold the metal sheet and you slide the plasma cutter yourself lol. I see a lot of work and time, money, hrs waisted so you can flick a switch and have it cut for you and you had to use a plasma cutter for that lil piece you cut off. Don't you have that band saw lol . Anyways lol just seems like a lot of money and time and materials spent for something that could be done cheaper and manually.

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