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Making a Wooden Guitar Body on a Desktop CNC Router | Laguna Tools


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Our most compact CNC machine in the lineup. The IQ series includes the original IQ and the IQ Pro CNC, is not only great for smaller workshops that only fit machines with a smaller footprint, it is also extremely precise and just as capable as some of Laguna’s larger CNC machines. It can carve many different materials including wood, plastic, composite materials and non-ferrous metals. Learn more by checking out our website.

Explore Laguna Tools IQ CNC: https://bit.ly/2ERk9qb
Download the project file: https://bit.ly/3NAXVHL

We have created a new custom guitar file for your CNC machine to cut out!
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  1. LagunaTools: Thank for reply.What do you mean"The Automatic Tool Changing system? Are you saying the Pro system software shows of/suggest what bit should be used for the next routing path.Correct me if I get wrong.
    Eventually, it will need to change at least two different bits MANUALLY .

  2. LagunaTools: What's the different between (24″ X 36″ CNC) Laguna IQ and Pro ? Can't make a guitar neck or a body with Laguna IQ? , Don't get me wrong.I am not talking about the price.I am talking about the Laguna IQ's functions & performances. I mean if a person interests is only to build different shapes of guitars.

  3. Just curious – with bridge positioning and neck mounting, is the end scale length correct (25.5 in) or did it take a lot of work during neck mounting? How's the intonation?

  4. Hi Max,
    I really enjoyed your video. Your finished product was amazing. I am a Furniture design student in Ireland, and i really would love to make a Fender Stratocaster style guitar, but I am having difficulty finding a working drawing on line that i can trace over in Rhino. I was hoping that you might be able to help me with this? Also if you would have advice as to where i can source other components such as pickups, scratch plate and dials or just general tips on the best way to go about this project I would be extremely greatfull. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind Regards,

  5. Max! This guitar will come out excellent. You can cut anything you desire with a cnc machine and it won't be woodwork. Working in wood is done with ones hands. Anyone that understands three dimensions in the X, Y, Z can make this and anything else with your Laguna CNC Machine.

  6. I've been trying to get the Fender Neck files that Router Bob did on the IQ for a fender style neck for a long time. If you cut a body you need a neck. I have Aspire for my Laguna IQ and am having trouble with it. Can you help me with it the neck files? I think Router Bob used Rhino too. Why did you sell me Aspire if you use Rhino to draw with?

  7. Thanks for the great video and files. I've had a swift for several years now and have wanted to make a guitar since router bob made the first video for Laguna. Is there any chance you will be re-doing the building of a neck with the files?

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