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Machining Giant Hex Head With CNC Milling Machine


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We machined couple 60mm Hex Head bolt things for hydraulic press channel wrench testing video using Heidehain cnc milling machine. I made program using polar coordinates that were really handy for the job



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  2. Jo on systeemit muuttuneet siitä, kun itse olin koneistaja. Silloin vajaa parikymmentä vuotta sitten taisivat kaikki valmistajat käyttää G-koodia. Tosin Heidelhainia en päässyt ikinä käyttämään, Fanucia ja Siemensiä sitäkin enemmän.

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  4. question on your conversational program: is this the heidenhain conversational language, and is it Finnishized so it is not english? Do you know if this conversational language is the same on the newest controllers Finns would get from heidenhain? thank you

  5. does the mill spindle always rattle like that (sounds like slack in the gearbox) when it is not cutting? I would think a noise like that would be indicative of problems, possibly affecting the accuracy of the final product

  6. Tykkäilen ihan superisti näistä videoista, joissa on koneistusta. Vaihdoin asiakaspalveluammatista metallipuolelle ja oon nyt ollu manuaalisorvaajana reilun puol vuotta. Ja silti vaan on hyvin kiehtovaa katsoa kun lastu lentää 🙂 Ja musiikkivalinta teki kokemuksesta 100% paremman! Ehkä kameralle voisi tehdä jonkin pysyvän kiinnitysalustan jyrsimen runkoon?

  7. in light anni foot injury would you please do some test on steel toe and composite toe boots on the press channel or beyond the press channel please which would be safer

  8. So if the 60mm tool video is popular, will you go even bigger?
    I'd like to see you test a 150mm heavy duty spanner. They are gigantic! I used to use one in my previous job building 30 ton steel furnaces.
    But they are also VERY expensive.

  9. I like the HPC but BTP is much more interesting to me because you (usually 😀 ) create things instead of simply destroying them. Keep up the great work!

  10. Why did you decide not to make a 12-head-bolt thing (what ever its called) for use with the ring tools. they are suited for that. Double the amount of corners=double the grip. Would have been the same thing like the square-heads but the other way around 🙂 Nice vid thanks?

  11. A man who loves his work, a pleasure to watch, Danke sehr!
    Oh, and a smartypants (can't help myself) quicktip for cutting onions without tears:
    after peeling the outer layer off dip it for 1-2 seconds into a little bowl with cold water, not longer or it will lose taste and then cut it with the sharpest knife you've got.

  12. I like that you went over the programming and G-code. I don't know anything about CNC, other than what John Saunders has on his channel NYC CNC, but your explanation was easy to follow without the technical language only experienced CAD/CAM programmers would know. And you did it with English being your second language. Pretty good!

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