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Line Shaft is the one with all the straight bevel gears. https://youtu.be/U38sXLB7_vk



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  1. Jak to możliwe wykończyć tak długi wałek bez wibracji itd ja próbowałem zrobić 800mm długi do średnicy 24 mm z 45 mm i wibracje miałem i nieładne wykończenie porażka

  2. I machined a very similar part but the material was Monel K 500… I noticed the part was sagging in the middle between the chuck and center a good .010- .015 thousands… I'm curious did you have the same issue and if so how did you fix that issue .

  3. Well done Chris, very nice bit of work… I'm guessing you have done a few of these now, with your knowledge of the job…
    I think I'd be bricking it doing that for the first time & there are no second chances. You also seemed to find a solution to the vibration on the finish cut too by running it LH…
    All in all you know your machine very well and what works on one machine might not work on another. Class work Chris I hope they pay you well for your skill ?

  4. I love how this machining segment is so interconnected . I've seen 2 channels that i watch , just in this small comment section 😀 . Also that part seems quite challenging .

  5. Good job. You have a good machine and tools. The real challenge is to work the 316L stainless steel boat shaft, 120 mm in diameter and 5500 mm long, with non-normalized material and with a manual machine.
    I use a 3 steady rest to turn such a shaft. In the process of making, I do not have the possibility of relieving stress in the material, but I use fire correction methods and the pinning method so that I can do a good job. the classification society requires a tolerance of 0.02mm to 6000mm in length.

  6. Fantastic result and video Chris.
    Noting the chips, I'm assuming 4140 or 4340 or some similar alloy, bitchen chip control verses tool push at such a spectacular thickness to length ratio.
    Please stay safe and keep showing us your skills.

  7. Wow. Wish you were close to houston i could learn a thing or two from you. So i guess you left it with stock and then stress relieved it before finish? Crazy just looking at how long that thing is i would think it would chatter or push off in the middle.

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