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Laser Vs Plasma Ultimate Shootout Head to head Comparison


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How much is the laser?
$40K-$50K depending on options you choose

Brand of Laser?
Primapress China – channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvDvHCbyxZQ-IGD9GQaqUDw
Contact Sales Rep
Grace (Feiyun) Contact Info
my whatsapp : 008618325315861 Email : sales02@china-prima.com

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  1. Old video, but I figured I'd put my 2 cents in. Laser is superior, but comes at a cost. My plasma table has been running for 11 years, and I have found the best way to clean up the parts is to either tumble them, or dip them in muriatic acid, or both. I don't grind the dross off anymore. when the parts are removed from the acid tank, they look like they were stamped.

  2. Thank you for sharing the video. We have family businesses and I'm persuading my family to buy one of this kinds of machine. It would replace our old stamp machines. We work with metal and INOX sheets (1×2meters 1,25×2.5m and 1,5x3m) all kind of thickness(from range 0.2mm up to 5mm).
    Do you think I could find something interesting for approximately 30k Euros? Im in Europe
    Thank you

  3. Thank you for this video. My shop is in the same category as yours and I'm considering buying a laser table. I'd buy one tomorrow for $50k if I thought it would be reliable.

  4. Лазер-более точная деталь.Шов аккуратнее.Толщина не большая,до 16мм.Но нельзя резать цветные металлы.Плазма-более грубые детали.Более толстые.В основном для заготовок.

  5. you need to use 10 mm plate for testing. then you can do comparison. and one more thing change the plasma nozzle into smaller one if you wanna cut thin sheet

  6. I run a welding shop and I'm considering buying a plasma cnc. What would you recommend for someone looking to break into the market? How do you find your customers?

  7. Great video! I currently have a hypertherm powermax with a STV cnc table. Do you have any recommendations for a drum sander or deburring machine for the dross? Dont really wanna spend more then 10 grand and there isn't a whole lot of info online. Thanks for any info you can provide.

  8. Fiber laser cutting aluminum or brass, means a single flash of direct full powered reflection will instantly and permanently cut your eye corneas and you will be blind forever. Fiber Lasers without shields are illegal in the USA. At least wear laser glasses rated for your exact spectrum of laser. It's not like welding flash and it's not like plasma flash. It's a whole different level of dangerous with these machines.

  9. If that is a fiber laser you better watch yourself Fiber laser is a different wave length than a co2. Fiber laser will blind you no glasses will help. Be careful

  10. Just found you, glad I did, We have been using cnc plasma for years and now we are looking into laser, What would you estimate your real world cost per cut increase is over plasma, 2x, 5x ? ignore the cost of the machine I mean cost per inch cut

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