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Langmuir Personal Plasma CNC Table Watch this before you buy!


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Hey Everyone! Great News! Langmuir has partnered with me to offer my viewers a discount when they order! Use this link http://store.langmuirsystems.com?aff=2 and use the Discount Code MANCRAFTING to get $100 off on your Crossfire! Links to the Plasma Cutter used on the Langmuir CNC

This will be the newest addition to the Metal Fabrication shop here at ManCrafting. I’m still waiting on mine, but I found out that one of the Langmuir Personal CNC Plasma Tables went to a customer just a short drive from me,. I contacted Travis and was able to go see the same set up that I’ll have in a few short weeks. In this video we talk about the process of creating a file for cutting out parts. Sending the File and finally cutting the file. You get to see the CNC software as Travis works though the process. This video was filmed about 3 weeks ago, and do to my MAC locking up since I never have moved my files to an external drive, I couldn’t do anything on it. That done, I’m ready to roll. I would like to mention that Andy the other half of ManCrafting happens to be a Gwinnett County Police Officer. Yesterday afternoon as I was finishing this edit, we found out that an officer in his precinct was shot and killed as he approached a suspicious vehicle. This happened less than a mile from my business and about 2 1/2 miles from my home. My condolences to all of the officers at GCPD many of which are personal friends. The officer Antwan Toney will be missed. Stay safe Officers.

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