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Industrial CNC – Pro Series Lineup


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If you are serious about your business, shouldn’t that be reflected in the tools that you use to build it?
Check out the Pro Series line up from Industrial CNC and leave your competition in the dust!

Available Sizes:
Industrial CNC 2’x3’ – Short Cut 203
Industrial CNC 4’X4’ – Apprentice 404
Industrial CNC 4’X8’ – Artisan 408
Industrial CNC 5’x10’ – Craftsman 510
Industrial CNC 6’X12’ – Craftmaster 612

Learn more at: https://www.industrialcnc.com/CNC-Routers.html

Our Pro Series CNC Router Tables feature a stress-annealed, welded steel frame and a structural steel gantry beam to ensure maximum rigidity for the most challenging CNC machining applications.

Our Pro Series CNC Routers are used all over the world for applications and trades like Woodworking, Sign Making, Cabinet Making, Aerospace, Guitar Building, Furniture Making and More. Designed, Engineered and built to cut a wider variety of materials like woods, plastics, acrylics, aluminums, metals, solid surface materials, etc. faster and more accurately than lesser CNC tables.

The Best CNC Routers are driven by our modular CNC control system which incorporates the most advanced technology and components to guarantee our Pro Series Systems are extremely easy to use, virtually maintenance free and Built for Heavier Duty!

Pro Series CNC Router Machines are powered by a PosiTrack, Four Motor, Dual Driven, Integrated System which includes CNC Software, a High Frequency, Variable Speed Liquid Cooled Spindle and Inverter, a Standard T-Slotted Hold Down, a Dust Collection Attachment, and our Standard 12” Gantry, packaged with the Strongest Bullet-Proof Warranty and Free Lifetime Technical Support.

Industrial CNC is the unrivaled leader in the manufacturing of Production Class CNC Router and CNC Plasma systems utilized by sign makers, cabinet builders, plastic manufacturers, woodworkers, furniture builders, aerospace engineers, and countless others worldwide. Our high production rate and affordable pricing options enable us to provide dependable, accessible CNC technology to craftsman, artisans and beginners alike.

We’ve been revolutionizing the industry for almost 30 years, beginning with the introduction of the premiere industrial grade CNC routers that fit the budget of any craftsman or shop owner. Since then, we have ushered more than 25,000 users in over 65 countries into the always growing world of CNC production and automation. Our Pro Series CNC router systems are the very definition of top-of-the-line, easy to use production equipment.

We consider it our mission to put an industrial quality CNC router system in every shop we can, revolutionizing dozens of industries by making the world’s most powerful systems as common and available as the table saw.

Easy. Affordable. Industrial.

This message is our motto. While other manufacturers flood the market with new “features” and costly add-ons, we stay true to our core principles and rebuke industry buzzwords and short-term, gimmicky trends.

If it doesn’t make our system easier to use, more accessible, longer lasting, or stronger, it isn’t worth the resource cost. Meanwhile, new technologies that do fit all of our criteria will be improved and incorporated.

Our experience with thousands of identical systems allows us to remain dependable and predictable. We design great machines, and then we build those machines over and over again, always choosing reliability over gimmicks. With lifetime tech support at no additional cost, we stand behind our customers every step of the way.

We are proud of our systems; with versatility and power that can help countless people in countless industries unleash their creativity.

Visit https://www.industrialcnc.com to learn more information.



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  1. Love the logo in the back as a former graphic designer this gives me a million ideas I’m hooked and the video isn’t even half way finished!!! Modular plug & Play -there’s the rub!!

  2. I have an Artisan from these guys, and other than some initial hick ups and set up challenges, this thing has been rock solid. An excellent machine that I will purchase again once my business gets larger. The thing is a tank, very stable, and well built. Mach 3 gives you much more detailed feed back, on the tool path, than the Aspire software I am using for the design work. That's the thing, you can design in any CAD CAM program that you like, covert it into a Mach 3 post processor, plug it into your INC and a way you go. You can then un a simulation to check out the time it will take you to run the project, and this help you in pricing your project as well as the validity of the post processor conversation. A very good machine.

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