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I should have NEVER bought a combo machine


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If you’re like me, you might have bought the wrong machine for your projects. In this video, I’m going to show you how to choose the right machine for your woodworking business and help you get started on your project the right way.
Cool tools. Modern Woodworking. Channel: https://tinyurl.com/2ub9ya6c

Edit: For those commenters who just want to skip to the answer, check out timestamp at 13:00.

There are many benefits of using laser engravers and CNC machines in making personalized and unique products. These machines are essential tools for makers and DIYers who want to add a personal touch to their projects. Laser engravers are an easy and versatile tool that can cut a wide range of materials, including wood, glass, rubber, acrylic, and leather. I walk through some practical tips on how to use and source materials for laser engravers and show how you can sell projects, such as ornaments and wooden signs, for a 50-80% profit margin. Finally, I discuss how CNC machines can be used for more complex projects, such as carving and milling, but requires more experience and investment.

This video covers the advantages of the CNC vs Laser. If you’re wondering on the advantages of laser cutting or CNC machining, this video is worth watching.

OMTech website (use link and OMTech discount code “VOELTNER5” for 5% off):

Lightburn Software:

OMTech AF3555 130w CO2 laser with 35″x55″ capacity (same as my machine): https://omtechlaser.com/products/130w-co2-laser-engraver-cutter-usb-gb14-us?sca_ref=3052260.jSLSP0ZUVT

OMTech water chiller (same as I own – to be covered in future video): https://omtechlaser.com/products/6l-water-chiller-lcw-5200-us?sca_ref=3052260.jSLSP0ZUVT

Xtool diode laser: https://shorturl.at/bpxJM (use discount code: VW10)

Beginner CNC Machines: https://shrsl.com/3zwnh
Starter CNC bit set 1: https://amzn.to/3nudVTe OR
Starter CNC bit set 2: https://amzn.to/3GivAUT

Maker Stock website:

My Amazon page: https://www.amazon.com/shop/voeltnerwoodworking
Cork Coasters: https://amzn.to/42KbzQi
Sample Clear Acrylic: https://amzn.to/3LTAg7a
Colored acrylic: https://amzn.to/40Esx0I

Try TubeBuddy for YouTube analytics free (Code VOELTNER): https://www.tubebuddy.com/pricing?a=VOELTNER

Video Equipment Used:
Sony A7iii: https://amzn.to/37vxJOr
Konova Slider: https://amzn.to/3jkctxD
Camera tripod: https://amzn.to/3LU0a7E
Aputure 300x LED Light: https://amzn.to/3Kbbe25
Godox 140cm Top Octagon Grid Softbox: https://amzn.to/3FWkKUh
Movo lav mic: https://amzn.to/3OMmEMl

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  1. I'm sorry, however, I had a major issue with your misuse of terms. Growing up in a machine shop, starting with manual equipment later learning how to use machines which is controlled via a computer. Here is my issue with with you continously misidentifying a piece of equipment. You are using term in which all computerized machines share. Please realize computer controlled router table is the proper term. Both the laser and router table need to be identified as such as: CNC Router Table and CNC Laser Table. Simple put, CNC stands for Computer Numeric Controller. I would recommend you to learn and use your terms wisely.

  2. Killer Information & Quality content delivery…💯
    👉I don’t work with wood, only Aluminum & Brass. Machining both materials using a Sherline Mill & Lathe. I just read an email from Sherline offering a Laser etching attachment for the machines that immediately got my attention. ☯️

  3. Very informative video. You said Co2 laser can cut metal? What kind of metal are you refering to?

    A CNC needs torque and slow speed, while a laser engraver need speed and low torque. A combo unit will never be as good as a dedicated machine.

  4. I bought a laser for $800 about 3yrs ago and its sat in the box ever since 😂. My worked changed my hours and now im working 7 days a week. Maybe ill have to bust it out. Thanks for the ideas

  5. I work for a place called TAP plastics. If you ever need info/ video tutorials on practically any plastic types ,( stuff like extruded, and cast acrylic, polycarbonate, ABS, Styrene ect ect ) whether it's their safety / impact , and light filtration properties, longevity, or just installation, they likely have it.
    Plus a lot of DIY stuff like making molds for casting, or fiberglass, or epoxy resin tips.
    A lot of their vids are on YT as well

  6. Hello. I really enjoy your videos. I have a XTool D1 and F1. I also have a Glowforge. I love engraving. I’m struggling with getting into selling my stuff. I don’t know where to start

  7. i had two routers before purchased first laser
    a K40 for 385
    i bought it for a specified job and after the first job made its price back , months later purchased a 24×40 sized machine
    then 2 years later a fiber engraver
    they making their price back quickly

    i mean buying from chinese
    same machines from domestic dealers costing a lot more and customer wont pay 5 times more just because you spent 5 times more

  8. For CNC there is extra time involved in cleaning up all the sawdust or waste material – unless you spend more money on a duct collection system. Also there is an added cost using CNC on metals that might need heat-reducting lubricants and will wear your bits faster.

  9. As a owner of 7 different lasers and having worked my way up from a 100w Co2 to now 2 big fiber laser cutters that cuts metall all day long my pro tip is when looking up a machine also check the work size of the machine, try to buy a machine that fits the standard sizes the material you intend to cut, for example it's good to have a machine that can handle a pallet size of material so you dont have to cut the sheets down to size, it will be much cheaper to buy and to handle bigger sheets.
    Cnc routers are awesome, but there is really cool machines that has multiheads so you both have a cnc router and a oscillating knife.

    If starting a business avoid the new multi machines that combines laser and cnc router… they are garbage in a business standpoint.
    Also avoid private people and customizations… the time often invested in doing some custom work you never get pay for.
    Engraving on private customers heirlooms or other stuff they brought is also to be avoided of obvious reasons, always the risk of having a bad monday or trying to engrave on a mystery material and it looks crap afterwards 😉

  10. Personally, its CNC, you can do with it almost everything what other machines can do and more, heck you can even upgrade darn thing to do even more(tho to be fair only limitation machine itself and your capacity and willingness to DIY it)(also to be fair laser cuttersengravers 3d printers etc etc are just CNCs in nutshell)

  11. Here's 25 years' experience: Buying a laser, learning how to use it, buying materials, designing a product to sell…. that's the easy part. Getting people to buy YOUR coasters, buttons, key chains, etc., that's the HARD part. Sure, make a set of coasters and put them on ETSY. You'll be one of 700 others. Do a TON of research before jumping in. Oh…. lasers need to be vented.

  12. Thank you for this great video and informative 👍
    What you recommend laser machine size for luthier making guitar and other strings instrument ? i only need it just for inlay decorating using 3mm thickness hardwood and abalone and mother of pearl.. .
    Thank you 😊

  13. For small quantities of acrylic, check with you local plastic companies, i.e. that do custom work for sign companies and other large scale customers. The one near me has tons of cut offs and scraps they throw out regularly and will either sell cheap or just give them away.

  14. Just want to reiterate, that despite fiber lasers being able to cut through a plate of steel they won't even touch wood a lot of the time. Don't get fiber lasers for wood or acrylic.

  15. Great video and channel! My experience in laser cutting is that while 50-80% margin soundsgreat, that is before labor… The machine does most of the hard work but it can be time consuming to finish even small items (removing adhesive paper, wood finishing, leaving and shipping). I've sold more than a thousand kittens, which sounds great, but my hourly wage from that is not far from minimum wage 🙃

  16. Great discussion of tradeoffs between CNCs and lasers. I also started off with the Piranha Fx (discontinued as noted, but the Shark SD110 is its replacement) a few years ago and immediately knew I wanted something faster/larger. I still have and use the Piranha for its ability to easily cut the ends of boards thanks to the gantry being able to extend about 1.5" beyond the front of the machine. This is great for cutting sliding dovetails, regular dovetails, box joints, etc. I never went with the 2 watt laser module for the Piranha, though they now offer a 7 watt diode for it these days. 
    I added a 48" x 32" Onefinity CNC over a year ago, which does the vast majority of my CNC work. I've been very happy with it. Onefinity offers 7W, 14W and 24W lasers for it, but I'm leaning toward a dedicated laser, instead.

  17. So why the title “I should NEVER has bought this machine”? You don’t say a word about what machine or why you shouldn’t have bought it. Is the title just “click-bait”?

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