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I chose my new router/router lift combination! #shorts


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I still had to decide which router lift and router combination I would place in my new workbench/router table.
But I decided to use my good old INCRA Master-R-lift again.
One of the reasons was my decision to choose for the AUKTools router with NVR switch and external speed control.

I am very thrilled how this will work in practice. But I see it as a huge advantage when you place your router in a dust extraction box that you do not have to be in this box when you want to change your router bit or want to adjust the speed settings. For more information:


Of course, I will keep you informed. 🙂

#woodshop #woodworking #diyprojects #diy #houtbewerking #heimwerker
#Woodworker #Woodworking #woodshop #houtbewerker #houtbewerking #dreamworkshop #paint #woodwork #holzwerken #heimwerker #diyprojects #diywoodworking #diy #workbenchbuild #workbench #workshops



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  1. Always enjoy your videos but this one not so much. The music did not suite you or the video in my opinion and it was like watching something in fast forward. Looking forward to your next video and what you have come up with for your mitersaw dust extraction.

  2. Hoi Dennis, mooie nieuwe werkplaats. Mocht je nieuwe router setup betekenen dat je de oude setup met de wnew lift van de hand doet, dan houd ik me aanbevolen 😉
    Bedankt voor je interessante video's, ga zo door!

  3. Just FYI, the music was too loud on this, and it also made understanding you hard even when it was turned down. My preference is always to skip music or keep it very low. I feel like it makes it harder to process what is happening. Have you ever been driving and turned the radio off, so you can "see better"?! Same idea! Thanks for sharing, as always.

  4. Oo, a detached speed controler nice!

    FYI, Jessem just came out with a new router, Pow-R-Tek SR, which also have variable speed control box as well. It would be interesting to hear your thoughts about Jessem's router and its additional features (mainly the air ports).

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