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How to Use a CNC Router A Practical Guide for Beginners A to Z


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Please check out here: https://www.eagletec-cnc.com/cnc-wood-router/cnc-wood-router-table.html
Hey everyone,
The posted video here shows how to use or start a cnc router woodworking machine (EagleTec) step by step. It is a practical guide for beginners.

It contains 3 parts:
0:00 Part 1. Toolpath programming
It demonstrates how to create the toolpath G-code files with software ArtCAM Pro 8.1, from A to Z (for a more specific guide on programming, please check out here: https://youtu.be/jQkbMqpxJ8A )
4:21 Part 2. Machine Operation
This part is talking about how to start the cnc router with RichAuto handheld controller A11, step by step
6:07 Part 3. Auto Working
It is a demonstration of how the cnc wood router works automatically after once it is started. FYI, the feeding rate is 10,000mm/min for the X and Y-axis.

The machine in the video comes with the specification given below:
Model. EagleTec W1325VC
4×8 feet working size (1300x2500mm)
Original PMI linear guides and bearings – 20mm (Made in Taiwan)
Air-cooled electric spindle 3.5kw, 24,000rpm
NEMA34 stepping motors
YAKO YKA2811MA stepper drivers
RichAuto Auto-Now A11E controller
Max. Cutting Rate: 20,000mm/min
Max. Carving Rate: 10,000mm/min
Max. Running Rate: 35,000mm/min (freeload)

Hope it helps! If you like our channel, please subscribe to our channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/EagleTecMachinery?sub_confirmation=1

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Jinan EagleTec Machinery Co., Ltd.
Company Site: https://www.eagletec-cnc.com
Email: [email protected]
WhatsApp & Viber: +8613065026945
Office Ph: +86 531 82956850



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