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How To Rout Dadoes – WOOD magazine


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Learn how to rout dadoes using your router, what bits are needed and techniques for straight even cuts with a jig.

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  1. I'm used to larger, corded routers https://www.youtube.com/post/UgkxfQ5_mgwq6PcudJvAH25t-I4D-3cTPz4z so this was a different experience for me. Basically, this is an incredibly sweet machine, fits well in the hand, etc. It has slightly less power than I'm used to, but that's understandable. Maneuvering freehand takes some practice. These days, it's especially nice to be able to avoid power cords. This is above the level of a hobbyist but below a pro level.

  2. Hi Bob and thanks for the videos, but I have a question about routing plywood for a T-Track, the plywood has knots in it which I cannot avoid in my design. Without having to pay for premium plywood (that is pretty much Knotless) but twice the expense $$ how do you suggest getting a clean cut through knots in the wood or am I dreaming and it can't be done?

  3. excellent video..i have a question regarding a slight variation of the placement of the shelving…you marked the top of the shelf at 12", what if i wanted a dado to be 12" on center? the top jig would have to be clamped to the work piece 12" from the top edge of the board, minus half the thickness of the shelving material….is there a dummy proof way to set that mark without measuring the actual thickness of the shelf, doing the crazy fractional math and then hoping i place the mark in the correct spot? thank you!

  4. Best I have seen for dados. Simple and to the point, especially when plywood isn’t 3/4”, i was about ready to go purchase a different bit to accommodate undersized ply. Thanks much. Ols school best school.

  5. Thanks! It's been awhile since I routed a dado. Been away from woodworking for over 20 years due to profession and travel. Great to relearn some of the basics from a real pro. I'll be looking for more of your videos as I come back up to speed.

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