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How To Make Sure Your CNC Router Doesn’t Burn Out – Maintain & Repair of Makita, Dewalt Trim Router


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You put a lot of money into your CNC router, so care and CNC machine maintenance is important. This video tutorial shows you how to take care of and repair the Makita trim router (keep it from burning up) on your CNC machine.

One aspect of CNC router (or any CNC machine, like CNC lasers and plasma cutters) that we sometimes overlook is the trim router (spindle), or the machine that actually turns the CNC router bit. Sawdust or metal dust can get into the machine housing, causing cooling air blockage. This will cause the router to overheat and burn out.

It is good to open the router once in a while to clean it out and check the brushes. This video shows you how to take apart (disassemble) the Makita trim router, check it for problems, replace the brushes and repair it, clean it and then put it back together.

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  1. I'm on my second Makita palm router. Both have overheating problems. My old one stays cool but somehow these new 701's get hot fast . Makita tech support is of no help. I would not recommend Makita now .

  2. So my router is doing a strange thing since yesterday, maybe you got an idea. It wants to ramp up in speed, then slow down, then speed up then slow down, pulsating. I changed out the carbon brushes thinking that might be the reason, but that didnt solve it. I took it apart and it was actually really clean yet, so dust wasnt the culptrit. Now to mention, I did use a 1" surface bit and did a large chunk of oak yesterday and wonder if maybe the router overheated/got too hot. You dont think I fried it do ya? needing to buy a new one?

  3. Great Videos, very instructive, Are you able to use 1/8 bits in your Makita? I see you talk about a set of Collets for this but I could not find the link

  4. Garrett, Just a note or disclaimer if your Router be it a Makita or Dewalt or other manufacture and it is under the manufacture warranty period usually 1 year do not cut the name plate (sticker) that is used as a security device to show if the internals have been access by other than authorized service representatives. It will void the warranty. Also prior to inspection of the Brushes for the Makita RT0701C Router it is a good ideal to have a new set of brushes on hand. The brushes are just carbon and can break easy if dropped or if they fall from the table to the floor. Part number is here for all on the Makita : CB408 CARBON BRUSH CB-408 (195008-8). Compressed air is your friend to blow dust and debris from the internals be sure to set air pressure to no more than 30 psi. Safety note wear the appropriate PPE (Personal Protect Equipment)
    Great Video by the way as there are many People out there that have limited knowledge and know how or do not or have not ever serviced or repaired their tools. Remember rule number one! Garrett stated it unplug / disconnect the power source from power tools, hand held or small / large machine format before servicing it takes only seconds for an injury and can take months to years for the injured body part to heal if the damage to the flesh is not too great. BTW Makita has great support on their website with a full parts break down of their tools in a downloadable PDF.

  5. Hey Garrett! I'm new to your channel, and am slowly making my way through your excellent videos.
    Me being a total beginner, would you mind explaining why this thing 7:04 is named "brush" (English is not my first language, and a brush to me is something with lots of bristles…).
    Thank you so much!

  6. Question about the drill bits 1/8" 1/4" dia drill bits what happens If the pegs you buy are just a little bit larger dia than the1/8" 1/4" and won't fit in the holes. Do you use 1/8' holes for the tool path Could you show us what the set up is for the toolpath?

  7. Thanks for the videos. I have to admit that you brought back some good memories when talking about taking things apart as a kid and especially when you mentionned the cash register. That reminded me of when, over 40 years ago, my dad brought home an electro-mechanical cash register he found in a dump so I could take it apart and I agree with you that it was one of the most complex piece of engineering I had seen at that time.

  8. I have 2 Bosch 1617's. One I had for a while. The other I bought new for the CNC Router. Haven't had to service either one yet. Like having the backup though. Taking things part is fine, as long as they work when you put them back together. That's when I wish I didn't fix something that wasn't broken.

  9. Glad you're bringing this important topic to our attention, Garrett. Two comments: 1). I don't particularly like the idea of using the router mount as a bench. In lieu, you could set a block of wood or small wooden box atop your table beside the mount to work on. 2). It's relatively a simple task to replace bearings, so rather than recommending tossing the router if they require replacement, why not simply change them out?

  10. Awesome info, great tips on maintenance, it's something we all overlook in every aspect of our lives.

    Once agan, thanks for the reminder. Off to do the same 😁😁😁

  11. Garret, I have a Nest security cam above my 2 Shark 100 machines.

    I just dealt with a router that burnt out and I have it on camera if you cared to utilize the snippet I can send it over.

    Thanks for everything you bring to the table to teach us.

  12. Great video. I'm cheap. For about 10 years I been using a harborfreight DRILL MASTER 2 HP 1/4 in., 3/8 in.,1/2in., Fixed Base Router. I clean the dust out of it too. They have some cheap trim routers to. I have have a 1/8" collet so I can use 1/8" rotary file bits.

  13. Great advice Bro. Maintenance is very important to keep everything running good. I made a CNC Runtime Log, which I use to keep track of each project's running time, speed, & material. Every 100 runtime hours, I do minor maintenance (clean-out & inspection) & every 500 runtime hours I do major maintenance (clean-out, inspection, worn parts replacement, and lubrication as necessary). I have had my CNC since 2017 and have not had any issues with the routers & spindles by following this routine.

  14. This is an excellent video – thanks as always! For reference purposes, how many hours do you figure you might have on that router? That way I'll be able to figure out when I might need to do this and also estimate how much run time we might get out of our brushes. Thanks!

  15. It's funny that you mentioned about taking things apart. I used to (and still do) just to see what makes it work. Re-assembly can sometimes be a real challenge. :-)====

  16. Pretty sure this will not apply to my 8.7 HP spindle head. The video is perfectly timed though. I'm starting the process of tearing down my machine to transport it across the country. This reminded me to take the time to do preventative maintenance I have been putting off in favor of production

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