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How to Machine the PERFECT BALL in a BOX


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Barry uses the Doosan 5700L to Machine the Perfect BALL in a BOX. He reveals his secret method of machining a free floating object. Trevor helps out by printing some custom jaws on the Markforged 3D Printer.

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  1. I'm an optomechanical engineer and I giggle when machinists equate spotless clean with rubbing surfaces with their fingers. It's an interesting relative perspective. 🙂

  2. 3"..interesting…..this is a perfect opportunity to use your 3" tape measure…..where you can only tell if something is more than 3"… less than 3" …or exactly 3"….

  3. I have never done machining, which now makes me realize I wasted my life because it looks cool AF, but as a carpenter and builder I see the same methodology applied. Achieving "squareness" and approaching a build with "forethought" like "okay my 6th side was holding the ball so how do I get the 6th side without goofing it up".

    I get crap from other workers I have worked with for being OCD. And when its all said and done their product is, in their words, "good enough".

    I've been hearing this for 30 years. I see I should have been a machinist. You all seem to understand perfection is a worthy goal.

  4. Sorry, I was lazy; I just made a concave cutter (with hand tools/bench grinder) and just plunged it into a block of wood. The first was a ball in a cube, then I did a ball in a ball in a cube, and I think I managed a ball in a ball in a ball in a cube.

  5. If you face the top and part of the 4 sides, you have 5 sides square and parallel in 1 op. Flip it over and it's square in the vice. Just face off the new top and even up the sides to match op1

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