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How to Laser Engrave Anything with the xTool D1 Laser Cutter/Engraver


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Learn how to laser engrave with the Makeblock xTool Laser cutter & engraver.

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Power/Speed test for Laserbox on the D1: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1LkYyh8dLm7YbRJGzmPsRWC3X2GrOk5oW?usp=sharing

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  1. What a great video with a positive message. I’ve just bought an xTool D1 pro and thought what the heck I’ll get all the accessories! Just working it out now. I must admit, as a total fresher there’s a lot of trial and error required. So appreciate these kinds of instructional and ideas videos.

  2. Great video and explanations. I have a graphic and 3d design background and am really thinking of getting this to complement my 3d printing. Thanks for the video

  3. Can this cut a few millimetres deep into Lino? Specifically lino used for Lino prints? Shopping for a machine that can and would love to know if this has been tested with Lino.

  4. I bought one, a month later they haven't even put it in the post yet and have given me a different excuse every week when I chase them down. Avoid.

    If they can't manage the difficult task of putting one in a box and writing the address on I'd hate to see how they go making a complex CNC machine.

  5. What is the difference between the default blue laser and the xTool 21064nm infra red laser? They quote that the infra red laser is used to engrave metals and similar materials. But you can do that with the blue one too. Does it just work a lot better?

  6. Great video, thank you!
    Would you happen to know if there is a setting for the framing speed in either the Laserbox software, or in Creative Space? My wife's Xtool D1 10w works great, but the framing is so fast, it's hard to tell where exactly the edges will be. In your video, the framing process was much slower than ours is. We have the latest firmware, and the latest software updates.

    Thank you!

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