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How to do Your First Engraving with the Sainsmart Genmitsu 3018 pro CNC and all Other Sainsmart CNCs


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This is am instructional video to guide you through all of the steps to making your first successful engraving using a Sainsmart CNC Machine.

Link to wiki for the machine

Facebook group link for machine

Link to buy the machine(Not affiliate link)



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  1. You will never get nice clean cut by using such machines with less than 20000spindle
    To get your relief job done by rhe cnc router
    You need to do a Roughing pass then a machine relief pass so you don’t lose your profiling pits
    So you have to start by end mailing bit
    Then a ball nose
    Then a v
    To get very clean 3d job and save some money to your project
    I hope I could help with anything
    Remember that it’s not a professional machine so don’t expect alot frome it
    You seriously have to to use endmill bits for it in the roughing pass
    And the best to buy an offline hand controled cnc if you are just starting with it to get into the game and I think that it’s available in your country some small cnc machines with an offline control ❤️❤️
    All love ?

  2. Laminated fake wood never lends good results on any tool. To many different mixed wood fibers. Solid woods give best results. Styro with Down cut bits on conventional settings.

  3. Nice overview.

    The initial cut is shallow because the gcode file defines zero Z as the level of the bottom of the cut. So when you set Z= board height, it brought the bit down to the board but didn't cut it. A workaround would be to set your origin as far below zero as the depth of cut should be, offsetting X and Y too so that you can start off the build plate and not crash into it.

    The sample file really should have Z=0 at the top of the part, not the bottom.

  4. Which do you prefer UGS or Candle? I liked UGS but the preview on Candle is superior, imo. One thing Candle needs is the plugin/modules that UGS has because there is one that is invaluable (makes it where UGS is the go to) and that is the X/Y/Z probe plugin/module.

  5. Hello, I just received a Genmitsu 3018 ProVer CNC and there are random lines in the sample gcode files. When I start the file, it works as normal, but at a seemingly random point the spindle will continuously move in one direction and I have to hit the emergency stop button. I am using the offline controller. Is this caused by file corruption, or something else?

  6. I have just ordered one of these little machines just to see what it can do. I hope it's faster than what you are demonstrating? how much experience do you have with CNC? and G code ? from what i am seeing, it looks to be running G code. Therefore the machine should use cutter compensation/or auto left and right for the tool you are using. when a program pops up, are you able to manually edit that program? You can't make something that is supposed be say, 6 inches wide using a tool like you are using and get that exact size, you need to compensate for the tool you are using to get what you want and that's why it is taking you forever.

  7. If you setup in Easel, add a 2nd milling bit, eg 1/16 straight and accept the offer of a roughing cut on 1/16 & fine cut with 30° v bit, then the cut will take considerably less time. You can export both cut paths to be used in Candle or UGS

  8. Do you know if there is any datasheets on their bits. I contacted them but their support doesn't seem to exist. I am trying to enter the information into Carveco but there absolutely none other than bit size nor does anybody seem to address how to do it?

  9. 18:19 MOVES wtf how it can move. you clamped it correct LOL or did you!. there is nothing under your clamping shim thing LOL it want to push your part and another clamp push back. if another is loosen it moves that way.you need clamp piece down on table not side ways lol. and that style clamping with vibrate loos

  10. Hi I want to try that CNC with Alphacam. Do you know if that controller is compatible with fanuc (like the mech 3 software ) or other thanks .

  11. Thanks. My problem with this machine was: The driver had to be updated by Microsoft before it would work. I know, Who knew that micro$oft could fix a problem. But ya it was driving me nuts. The port showed up as a Puma at first but after the update is was corrected as a CH340…. I just need to make my first cut and thanks to your video I should be doing that soon. I had to crank the audio to 100% , but after jacking my laptop into my Fender guitar amp I could hear you fine. If you like drunken electronics check my channel. Thanks. / Drex Projects.

  12. Does this come with software to make a program? I want to engrave stars in flags. So would I have to own my software or can I make a program with what it comes with

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